iApp-a-Day – Bonk

Bonk The app for November 29th is “Bonk”. I personally think this app is fun…here at AppleiPhoneSchool.com we have always talked about an app that things just bounce around in (after iSnake’s sweetness!! I love losing in that app!!). Then, I wake up and voilà, iApp-a-Day has done it. This app opens to a screen of seven different colored, different sized balls. They respond to the tilt of your iPhone and bounce off the walls accordingly. Not only that, but each time one of them bumps into each other or hits a wall it gives off a different tone. I am having some problems with the sound, a little staticy and weird, but you never know…we might see an update! I think I will change the background image in mine…something maybe a little more girly! (after looking at the code it looks like it should be pretty easy to change the background image…so, get modding!) Some screenshots for you:

Bonk Bonk Bonk Bonk

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