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iPhoneHome iPhoneHome is a new app in the through the Ste Packaging source. This is an app that allows you to change the double tap feature of your home button. In the Settings on your iPhone under general there is a setting for your home button…you are given three option to change it to on a stock iPhone; Home, Phone Favorites and iPod. iPhoneHome allows you to change the double tap feature to any app on your iPhone or even a phone number or blank email. When you open the app you get a screen that has two options Change App and Save & Quit. Just tap Change App and it will bring up a scroll wheel of all the apps on your iPhone. Just tap on the app your would like to set as your double tap and tap Save & Quit. Your iPhone will reset and now when you double tap the home button it will take you to the app you selected. Totally Sweet!! One issue I have found is that Favorites is not an option in iPhoneHome which means if you would like to switch it back to your favorites you will have to go into your Settings on your iPhone and switch it back. Also, if you uninstall the app it will keep the double tap that you set with the app and you will have to go into your Settings and change it back as well. Overall, a really awesome app. Here are the screenshots:

iPhoneHome iPhoneHome iPhoneHome
iPhoneHome iPhoneHome

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  1. Thomas Roux says


    is there a version for iPhoneHome working on 1.1.4 firmware ???
    because I can’t make it work

    Installer says it’s firmware 1.1.2 so i needed to install it manually
    I can choose which program to start but it doesn’t seem to work, no effect on the double touch on hime button !!

    Thx in advance,

  2. I would love the home button to have an option to skip forward a song…is that a possibilty? if the phone is in my pocket, it would be awesome to just double push the button and it would advance the song list.

  3. Mark, just double click (squeeze) the microphone button on your headphones.

    You can also use that button to mute sound AND answer calls.

  4. I have a Ipod Touch 16Gb v 1.1.4
    iphonehome v 0.8 should work at this firmware. but is does not.

    anyone some info on that?