XLaunch 0.31-113

XLaunch Version 0.31 of XLaunch is soooo sweet. Take Xlaunch and AppFlow and squish them together into a Xlaunflow sandwich! When you open XLaunch it will look like your ordinary Xlaunch, displaying all your apps in alphabetical order with nice little headers…now, turn your iPhone horizontally and voilĂ  AppFlow! Very cool!! Not only that but, it now displays webapps too!! But, it doesn’t stop there [Read more…]

XLaunch 0.30-113

XLaunchXLaunch is another well done application from Erica Sadun, and can be found in Installer.app from the Ste Packaging source under the System category. The application itself is very clean and is very similar to the Song list in the iPod app on your iPhone. It lists all applications in alphabetical order and has a header for each letter, and even uses the same scrolling alphabet on the right hand side.

If you like to keep your Springboard nice and clean, and are on 1.1.3, use this application with Poof. Use poof to hide all the applications you don’t want to see, then use XLaunch to find them later when you need them. Screen shots after the break! [Read more…]