Garf Garf is a new game that came out tonight in the in the ModMyiFone source. If you have ever played Simon you will know exactly how to play Garf. The app opens and instantly begins the game…so pay attention! It starts by lighting up a color (and giving you a ton at the same time) you then have to tap on the color it just lit up. The game will then light up the first color and add another one…you have to then tap the first color and then the one it added. It continues to add more colors and you have to continue to copy it. Each time correctly copy the color pattern it brings you to the next round. Every color has it’s own tone…however, if you would like to play without the sound just tap the Mute button in the bottom left corner. There is also a freestyle button in the bottom right corner which allows you to just play around tapping your own colors. Both of these button turn red when initiated. If at some point you would like to start a new game there is a New Game button in the top left corner. You can exit the app by tapping the Exit button in the top left corner. The only issue I have had with this game is sometimes the sound is kind of weird. But, other then that, a seriously sweet game. The highest I have made it to is round 13…I’m not sure if there is a point in which you actually beat the game or not. Someone will have to let me know in the comments!! Here are the screenshots:

Garf Garf Garf Garf Garf Garf

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  1. Nice game! But wait for the next update. It’s seem there is a small issues (it keep running in background and use your battery… my battery was empty after 12h of sleep mode!)