Garf 0.5

Garf Garf 0.5 has made things “bigger” and better! When you open the app you will notice that the play area is much larger now…giving you ample space for each button! In the Settings there is also a new Game Mode option. When selected, you are given three options; Regular, Reverse Garf (RND 40) and Antigarf (RND 40). You can only play regular mode until you have reached round 40 then you can choose one of the other options, we are not given instructions on how exactly these new modes works so, I guess you are going to have to figure it out on your own (and I am nowhere near round 40 so I can’t be of much help!)! If you try to select Reverse Garf or Antigarf before you have passed round 40… [Read more…]

New Garf Theme iMacG3Theme

There is a new skin for the app Garf in the through the source. The name of the new theme, in the, is iMacG3Theme…however, in the actual app the title of the theme is zizzi-love-Apple. It is a pretty cool theme…check out the screenshots. Also, this is just a code app so when you install it…it will go directly into the themes section in Garf…there will not be an icon for it on your SpringBoard. Here are the screenshots:

iMacG3Theme iMacG3Theme iMacG3Theme

New Garf Themes

GarfThere are some new themes for the app Garf in the available through the source. The new themes are Cartoon and Player Piano..these are just code apps so, they will be put right into the the Themes section of the Garf app and will not add icons on your SpringBoard. The Cartoon theme is similar to the default theme however, the player piano theme is displayed as a piano. Screenshots:

garftheme garftheme garftheme
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Garf Update 0.32

Garf There is an update available for Garf in the through the source. The update makes a few visual changes to the app…the first one you will notice is that the opening screen has now gone back to saying just Garf instead of Garfunkel and sports a new silver color! The app also has a new wallpaper. Another change you will notice is in the Settings. There is now an option for Themes…at this time the only theme available is the Default theme but, I can assume that we will see more in the future! Here are the screenshots:

Garf Update 0.32 Garf Update 0.32 Garf Update 0.32 [Read more…]

Garf Update 0.25

Garf There has been an update in the for Garf which is available in the source. The first change to the app…you see as soon as you open it…instead of just saying Garf, it now says Garfunkel. You will also notice that there has been the addition of a Settings button in the lower right corner. When you tap on Settings you get the option to pick your speed, clear high scores, or to turn high scores on or off. There are four speed options…slow, normal, fast (RND15) and Ludicrous (RND25) – which I am guessing by the name, is very hard! An About button has also been just gives some basic info about the app. Once you have chosen all your settings just tap done in the upper right corner. YAY….screenshots:

Garf Update 0.25 Garf Update 0.25 Garf Update 0.25
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Garf Update 0.17

Garf There is an update to Garf in the through the MofMyiFone source. There are a few noticeable changes with this update. The overall game is brighter and the play area is larger – both improvements make the game more enjoyable. It also seems as though the app runs a little smoother…maybe some back-end code changes were made…I could just be searching too hard for changes!! :) Let me know in the comments if you notice anything else. Here are the screenshots:

Garf Update .17 Garf Update .17


Garf Garf is a new game that came out tonight in the in the ModMyiFone source. If you have ever played Simon you will know exactly how to play Garf. The app opens and instantly begins the game…so pay attention! It starts by lighting up a color (and giving you a ton at the same time) you then have to tap on the color it just lit up. The game will then light up the first color and add another one…you have to then tap the first color and then the one it added. It continues to add more colors and you have to continue to copy it. Each time correctly copy the color pattern it brings you to the next round. [Read more…]