Garf Update 0.25

Garf There has been an update in the for Garf which is available in the source. The first change to the app…you see as soon as you open it…instead of just saying Garf, it now says Garfunkel. You will also notice that there has been the addition of a Settings button in the lower right corner. When you tap on Settings you get the option to pick your speed, clear high scores, or to turn high scores on or off. There are four speed options…slow, normal, fast (RND15) and Ludicrous (RND25) – which I am guessing by the name, is very hard! An About button has also been just gives some basic info about the app. Once you have chosen all your settings just tap done in the upper right corner. YAY….screenshots:

Garf Update 0.25 Garf Update 0.25 Garf Update 0.25
Garf Update 0.25 Garf Update 0.25

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