New Garf Theme iMacG3Theme

There is a new skin for the app Garf in the through the source. The name of the new theme, in the, is iMacG3Theme…however, in the actual app the title of the theme is zizzi-love-Apple. It is a pretty cool theme…check out the screenshots. Also, this is just a code app so when you install it…it will go directly into the themes section in Garf…there will not be an icon for it on your SpringBoard. Here are the screenshots:

iMacG3Theme iMacG3Theme iMacG3Theme

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  1. Great website, I enjoy it even though I do not have an iphone, yet. I do have an ipod touch though.

  2. We like iPod Touches too! :)

  3. Hello school!
    Thanks for this review, I know the theme is named zizzi-love-Apple, this is a kind of easter egg (to celebrate me LOL).
    I leave a comment to give you the link to another theme for Garf I made, you can find it on MMi
    This theme is based on the bohemian rhapsody image of Queen band and is in black&white, hope you enjoy!


  1. […] de donde descargar aplicaciones), y un theme para Garf (que en lugar del típico Simon pone unos iMac G3), pero no me aparece en la lista de temas en los settings de […]