Garf Update 0.17

Garf There is an update to Garf in the through the MofMyiFone source. There are a few noticeable changes with this update. The overall game is brighter and the play area is larger – both improvements make the game more enjoyable. It also seems as though the app runs a little smoother…maybe some back-end code changes were made…I could just be searching too hard for changes!! :) Let me know in the comments if you notice anything else. Here are the screenshots:

Garf Update .17 Garf Update .17

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  1. I’m glad you enjoy ole Garfunkel…although the credit probably goes to whoever invented Simon…
    The main change with version 0.17 was to make sure the audio didn’t continue to run. For a programmer, there are two ways to “close” the audio when the program is done, and it seems that a bug in Apple’s firmware affects one of these ways. So I simply had the program call the other way. Also, if you put the phone in standby while the newer Garf (0.17) is running, it exits the game instead of continuing to run (like in 0.15). There may have been other minor changes that slipped my mind. I’m not sure if the old Garf (0.15) had a major effect on the battery, but if it did, this (version 0.17) would be the fix.

    Another developer is adding on to it right now, and I don’t know what changes he’s making (multiplayer mode perhaps), but the ones I have in store are: highscore list, configuration of the speed of the game, and a few other fun modes.

    My next release will be a guitar tuner…a real frequency-detecting type. This will be released very very soon.
    Thanks, JLA