Garf 0.5

Garf Garf 0.5 has made things “bigger” and better! When you open the app you will notice that the play area is much larger now…giving you ample space for each button! In the Settings there is also a new Game Mode option. When selected, you are given three options; Regular, Reverse Garf (RND 40) and Antigarf (RND 40). You can only play regular mode until you have reached round 40 then you can choose one of the other options, we are not given instructions on how exactly these new modes works so, I guess you are going to have to figure it out on your own (and I am nowhere near round 40 so I can’t be of much help!)! If you try to select Reverse Garf or Antigarf before you have passed round 40…you will get a little pop-up telling you that mode is locked and that you have to play regular until you have reached round 40…it will also tell you the highest round you have reached. Garf 0.5 is compatible with versions 1.0.2 all the way through 1.1.3…so enjoy! Garf is available in the through the source. Below are the screenshots:

Garf 0.5 Garf 0.5 Garf 0.5 Garf 0.5 Garf 0.5

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