Wallpaper 2.3

Wallpaper Man, Sean just keeps making this app better and better!! BTW – Congratulations Sean!! Version 2.3 of Wallpaper adds the ability to comment on the wallpapers! Once you are in the app, you can tap on a wallpaper and you will see a new option; Comments (all the previous options are still available). The first time you select Comments, you will need to sign up for an account. Just enter what you would like your username and password to be and your email address. Once all your information has been added, [Read more…]

Wallpaper 2.2

Wallpaper When I saw the update to version 2.2 of Wallpaper I was hoping I could come back and tell you it was the update everyone has been waiting for. But, I can’t! The only difference that I notice is that when you are in your Gallery and you choose a Wallpaper…it makes it full screen…then you have to tap on the Wallpaper again to bring up the menu. I’m pretty sure in the previous version it just brought up the menu…but, I can’t remember…someone let me know in the comments. Other than that… [Read more…]

Wallpaper 2.1

Wallpaper There are a few minor changes with version 2.1 of Wallpaper. The first menu when you enter the app now says Share My Wallpaper or Nevermind…selecting Nevermind allows you to view the Wallpapers without sharing your own Wallpaper. The previous version said Share My Wallpaper and Continue Without Sharing. There has also been a wording changes on the Menu when you select a Wallpaper…instead of Flag it now says Report. The cool new feature is [Read more…]

Wallpaper 2.0

Wallpaper I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this update (ok, I really wasn’t that impatient Sean but, you did tell me you would look into it!). However, all I was expecting with version 2.0 of Wallpaper was a fix so the app would work with firmware lower than 1.1.3 (the last update, version 1.6, made it compatible with only 1.1.3 and above) instead I was greeted with some very cool new changes! The first change I noticed was a new icon…which totally threw me off, I was like… [Read more…]

Wallpaper 1.8

Wallpaper I have gotten a ton of emails over the last few months from people asking how to get the Wallpaper app to work correctly on their 1.1.3/1.1.4 (if you are on anything less than 1.1.3, please read the warning below). Well, no need for a symbolic link any more because Wallpaper version 1.8 makes the app compatible with 1.1.3 and 1.1.4. There are no visual changes to the app…the interface is the same. Wallpaper is available through the iApp-a-Day source. Below is the screenshot.

Warning: If you are on a firmware lower than 1.1.3/1.1.4 version 1.8 of this app will not work for you…do not update quite yet…I bet we see an update soon!

Wallpaper 1.8

Wallpaper Update 1.7

Wallpaper When I saw an update to Wallpaper on the Installer.app…I took a double take!! We haven’t seen anything from Sean since his last iApp-a-day in November!! Welcome back Sean! Anyway…on with the update! The update adds a new option to the menu…you are now able to add the wallpaper to your Wallpaper Library instead of just your camera roll or setting it as your current wallpaper. You can then go into your stock Settings on your iPhone and the Wallpaper option and you will see the wallpaper you added from the app in the Wallpaper section! This keeps you from having to make a Wallpaper folder on your computer and syncing it with iTunes in order to add new Wallpapers! This is a SUPER sweet update…I love it! This app is available through the iApp-a-Day source. Below are the screenshots:

Wallpaper Update 1.7 Wallpaper Update 1.7 Wallpaper Update 1.7

Wallpaper Update 1.6

Wallpaper We have indeed gone from Wallpaper version 1.1 to version 1.6. We have not given you updates on the versions in between because there were no significant changes however, Sean has finally done it, version 1.6 is perfect! You can now add wallpapers from the app to your camera roll or directly to your wallpaper and the app does not close every time! An absolutely amazing app…love everything about it!! To bad November is almost over and iApp-a-Day’s will end because this one is sweet and I will miss iApp-a-Day!! :(


Wallpaper Update 1.1

Wallpaper When I finally got a chance to check my installer.app tonight, I was ecstatic to see an update for Wallpaper! And it turns out that the update did exactly what I expected it to do…you can now add wallpapers from the app into your camera roll. Which is seriously sweet!! Though, I do find one huge downfall to the update…the app closes every time you select to replace your wallpaper or save it to your camera roll. Which, I think, defeats the purpose of making it so easy to save the wallpaper to your iPhone if you have to reopen the app in order to add multiple wallpapers. Maybe we will see another update?!

Wallpaper Update 1.1 Wallpaper Update 1.1

iApp-a-Day – Wallpaper

The app for November 27th is “Wallpaper”. Dude this app is SWEET!! When you first open the app is gives you a little warning that your wallpaper is about to be shared with everyone. If you decide to continue, a copy of whatever your wallpaper is when you tap continue is put into a pool with everyone else’s. This is where is gets really cool, it then scrolls through everyone else’s wallpaper showing a new one every 5 seconds or so. But, it gets even cooler (if that is a word)…if you see a really sweet wallpaper that you want to put as your wallpaper, just tap on the image and select “use as wallpaper” and it sets it as your wallpaper!! However, it does replace your current wallpaper so if your wallpaper is a picture you took that is no longer in your photos make sure you really want to replace it. There are a few things I can think of that would make this app even better… [Read more…]