Wallpaper 2.2

Wallpaper When I saw the update to version 2.2 of Wallpaper I was hoping I could come back and tell you it was the update everyone has been waiting for. But, I can’t! The only difference that I notice is that when you are in your Gallery and you choose a Wallpaper…it makes it full screen…then you have to tap on the Wallpaper again to bring up the menu. I’m pretty sure in the previous version it just brought up the menu…but, I can’t remember…someone let me know in the comments. Other than that…I don’t see any visual changes! Wallpaper is available through the iApp-a-Day source.

Update: I heard back from Sean…I was so right about the Wallpaper gallery thing!

Wallpaper 2.2 Wallpaper 2.2 Wallpaper 2.2

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  1. Yeah the old wallpaper before this update would have the menu screen over the wallpaper and you couldnt see it full screen. I think it was a good update for i hated that i couldn’t see the full wallpaper in the gallery.

    • Sweet thanks for the info.

    • My Wallpaper dosnt seem to be scrolling pictures anymore, it shows me 1 picture then it blinks and shows the same picture, as if it were trying to show me the next but stays on the 1 picture, i tried to uninstall ,reinstall, that dosnt work. Any suggestions?

  2. does the new wallpaper work with firmware 1.1.1 for itouch? It doesn’t work for me. Any suggestions?

  3. Good update, can now take screenshots of the pictures in the gallary (which are saved to the camera roll)

  4. no everything is the same as before. in the old version i was able to do that also.

  5. I usually use the edge connection to browse wallpapers and it appears to be significantly faster scrolling through wallpapers now! Has anyone else noticed this?

  6. So…

    Where are the files stored now? They were in /var/mobile/Library/Wallpaper. Nothing there.

    Please advise.

    Also I’d like to put in a request to view the Gallery images without the menu with the addition of the ability to scroll through the images.

    • Mine are still in the var/root/Library/Wallpaper folder (that is for 1.1.2 and below). If you are on 1.1.3 and above it should be still be in the var/mobile/Library/Wallpapers folder. Also, with this update you can tap on an image that is in your Gallery and it will display full screen and then you can tap on it again for the menu.

    • I do not have a wallpaper folder under var/mobile/Library. I am running 1.1.4 by the way. Should would be awesome if I could find out where this pictures are stored.

    • Figured it out. private/var/mobile/Library/Wallpaper.

  7. the pictures r freeziing and looping on the server

  8. it does that on me too…

  9. I’m on 1.1.3 and “add to gallery” doesn’t work for me..

    I can use as wallpaper just fine, but none of the other options work for me .. I’ve tried setting /var/wallpaper to 777, I’ve tried setting the app to +s and a few other things.. but none of that is working for me.

  10. Is wallpaper even working anymore, it keeps looping to the same picture, does a little quick flash and back to the same picture, Does anyone know whats up, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and also downgrading my iphone. Whats up?

  11. Mine was working before but now its doing the same thing as wil’s. I love this app but it doesn’t work and I’m bummed.

  12. Big Time Bummer … not having the “save to camera roll” option like in ver 1.7.

    That way I could resize the picture to my taste and be able to download it with my other pictures every time I sync with my computer.

  13. I cannot save the wallpapers. The folder stille empty !

  14. ive been trying to get this app for a long time now and it hasnt been working for my iphone.. when i type in the url it shows up and everything seems to be fine. first, when i open the iappaday folder i cant find a package for wallpaper. second. when i try to install any package on that folder it tells me bad url.. i was wondering if anyone to help me out with this..