Twitter in Plain English

TwitterTwitter is getting more and more popular everyday. However, some people have yet to jump aboard. This is usually due to the fact that they do not understand what Twitter is. I found this great video (see below) over at after watching GeekBrief. One of the best things about Twitter is how well integrated it is with the iPhone. There are quite a few 3rd Party and Web Based apps that make using Twitter simple and convenient…inevitably turning you into a Twitteraholic. Below is a list of all the apps available for Twitter and the iPhone.

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3rd Party Apps

Twinkle Public

Mobile TwitterMobile Twitter


Fring Twitter

SketchesSketches – Allows you to send the pictures you create in Sketches to Twitter.
Sketches 0.7

Web Apps


Twitter Mobile ClientTwitter’s Mobile Client
Twitter\'s Mobile Client
twitterforiphone – Allows you to send photos to Twitter. – Allows you to search Twitter.

Twitter in Plain English Video

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  1. thx so much for introducing me to this website. I love how it breaks everything down in basic english so now instead of becoming frustrated trying to explain things to people i can just direct them to that site. Love it!

  2. I’m a self confessed Twitter-addict. Currently trying Splurk too.