Coldwell Banker Real Estate Releases iPhone Application

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Coldwell Banker Real Estate recently released an official application in the App Store. The app allows you to search properties for sale, recent sales and international properties. It also has a notification feature that will notify you when properties that meet your criteria become available. You can get a full list of features in the App Store Description below. Below are also three promo videos you can check out… I actually laughed out loud when they whispered, “Also available for the Google Android” at the end of the video!


App Store Description:

Whether you’re in the market for a new home, dreaming about a vacation place or just curious to see million dollar properties, the Coldwell Banker app gives you the ability to explore real estate anytime anywhere.
Some of the unique features of the
Coldwell Banker app include:

-Property search: GPS based and traditional search of homes for sale

-Recent home sales: GPS based and standard search of recent homes sales using real home sales data

-International search: ability to search for properties across the U.S. and in over 25 countries across the globe

-My Coldwell Banker functionality: save searches, properties and more to your profile

-New property notification: get notified on your app icon when new properties or open houses are available that meet your criteria

-Agent contact: with one click contact a Coldwell Banker agent by phone, email or save to your address book

-Slideshows, filtered searches, and more.

© 2009 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated.

Demo Videos:




HexSet – Connect Four iPhone Style

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

HexSet HexSet is Connect Four for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I don’t know about you guys but, I love Connect Four! It totally brings me back to the good ol’ days when my sister and I spent many an hour playing Connect Four (we even had a little travel Connect Four game to play in the car)… oh the memories. So, as you can image, I was pretty excited to see HexSet.

The object of the game is very straight forward, line up four of your pieces in a row (diagonal, horizontal or vertical) however, at the same time, you need to block your opponent from getting four of their pieces in a row. [Read more…]

Homework Agenda Update 1.0

Homework There was also an update for Homework Agenda in the I am actually very excited about this update!! It adds some great new features…like, the ability to add a description to an assignment and the ability to add a due date to an assignment!! When you create a new assignment you will see the option to add a description…this allows you to add more details about the assignment. To add a description to an existing assignment, just tap Edit in the top right corner and then tap on the assignment you would like to add a description to. You will also find with the update that when you create a new assignment and then hit Next it brings up a date scrolly wheel and you can set a due date. Once you have set a due date just tap Save in the upper right corner. The due date is displayed to the left of the assignment (where the total points used to be displayed – but are no longer an option with the update).
[Read more…]

New App – Homework

Homework This app is available through the in the Apogee LTD Source. This is the first app for the Apogee LTD Source which normally gives us great themes and wallpapers and has now apparently decided to try their hand at apps. The Homework app allows you to keep track of your homework assignments. When you first open the app you will see; English, Math and Science. To add another subject just tap the Edit button in the top right corner then tap Add that replaces the edit button in the top right corner. A little box will pop up in which you can enter the subject name. Tapping the edit button also allows you to delete a subject or to move them around in a different order (this is done by tapping and dragging the three bars on the right side of the subject – think Customize). [Read more…]

Apogee LTD Source UPDATE!

Please note, that because of the high demand for Apogee’s source, they bought a hosting server. Therefore, they had to change their domain name! The new source code is You will want to go in and delete their old source code and re-add their new one! We have also updated this information in our Sources page.

P.S. We added a few other new sources to our sources page too!

New Source – Apogee LTD

Here is some themes from Apogee LTD, a new source that we have added to our Sources page as a trusted source. They also have wallpapers (see our Wallpapers page), custom docks and keyboards. I am very impressed with how they run their source. Check them out!

To install this source…check out our Sources page.

Girl Buttons by Apogee LTD fin by Apogee LTD Chocolate Rain by Apogee LTD [Read more…]