iWoman Developer’s description of app: Keep track of your monthly cycles.

Well ladies…now that we have scared off all the curious guys with the developer’s description, lets talk about this app (it actually has a few very useful features). When you open the app for the first time you will need to put in some initial information. If you select the bottom date – the only entry that is editable – it will open to a screen where you can put in the dates of your most current period (or you can start back as far as you can remember but, you only need one period’s start and finish date for the app to work). It will automatically figure out the duration of your period and the number of days in your cycle. From there you can put in more specific information for every day of your period (check out the screenshots). Once you have at least one period duration entered you can go back to the main screen (tap the iWoman button on the top left). You will see that it has calculated when your period will be for the next three months. You can delete an entry by tapping the edit button or by swiping on the entry. Now, we all know that all they can do is give us an educated guess…but, it at least gives you an idea of when to expect your next period. The only thing it needs now is the ability to calculate when ovulation takes place (oh, there went the rest of the guys that decided to continue reading about this app!) It would be helpful for those trying to get pregnant! Overall though, a useful app. Below are the screenshots:

Some husbands might find this to be a handy app as well – so they know when to conveniently bring home flowers.

iWoman Sketches iWoman iWoman iWoman iWoman iWoman iWoman

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  1. I just updated my iPhone from 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 and reinstalled iWoman once i was done. I saved the iWoman.plist which was in Root’s home/ Library/ iWoman, but now there under 1.1.4 there is no iWoman.plist to be found. Where should i put the old .plist so that iWoman recognizes it and retrieves all my old records from before the upgrade?

  2. I would say…put in some fake info and save it…then you can see where it puts the plist…then you can delete the new plist and put your old one there. It will probably put the new on in the /var/mobile/Library/iWoman.

  3. AWESOME! lol

  4. I only seem to be able to make it a 28 day cycle- is there a way to change that- mine is more like 46!!

    • It will automatically change the number of days in your cycle when you add in your next period. Like…you add one and it will just guesstimate when the next one will be…then, once you put in the next one it will change the cycle length based on that. So…at first it is just kind of guessing until you add another entry in.

      I just tried it and it shows a 45 day cycle when I changed the date on mine. So the first one says 28 days than 45 days because of the next entry I made.

      Let me know if it works. .

  5. Where can I download it from?

  6. I’m sorry but I can’t find it.
    (I’m not so technologically advanced)

  7. I have my installer on there already. So I guess it’s jailbroke?

  8. So, now what? How do I install iWoman?

    • Ok…now, you have to add the AppTapp source. You do that by going into the Installer and then going to the Sources category (it’s all the way to the right on the bottom, once you open Installer). Ok now, tap Edit in the upper right corner and then tap Add in the upper right corner. Now, go to our sources page and get the url for the AppTapp source (just look for AppTapp…then you will see the url) and enter it into the space for the url in the Installer. Click Ok. Once your sources are done refreshing you can go into the Health category in the installer and it should be there. Let me know if you have any more questions…or if that was confusing! :)

  9. there should be one like this for macbook and other gadgets… i don’t own an iPhone and would love a calendar like this for my cycles.

  10. I have a 16GB iPhone, with firmware 1.1.4 (I think). Anyway, everytime I try to download iWoman, it tells me there’s an error and it won’t let me download it. What do I di?

    • Robert Lozano says

      Biba, many times you have something stuck in the queue. Try clearing the queue before you try downloading. Also turn off the Edge network by installing the BossPref’s I think that sometimes it might try to communicate via both ports… i might be wrong, but I’ve felt quicker response when disabling the edge network.

  11. Have been using this for 3 months now and love it! Not always accurate, but then again, my cycles are pretty irregular so chances are it’s more accurate than me! I like that you can track symptoms, too, but wish there were more options and/or a space to write notes. Any chance of more features being added? Thanks!

  12. How do i delete this from my iphone?

  13. My iPhone is not unlocked – its just as I bought. And its the first generation, 4gb. Does it mean I can’t have iwoman? Thanks!

    • You will have to jailbreak your iPhone in order to install 3rd party apps. You could also wait a few more weeks until Apple releases the App Store and maybe we will see it in there, then you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone if you do not want to!

  14. PS: iwoman looks sooo much better than the ovulation calendar you find at apple. Com!

  15. Hi Brooke
    thanks for the reply but it does not appear on my installer.

    How do i delete youtube from my iphone as it is downloading lots of things that I dont want. Tried to change settings but cant find any.

    Please help as its driving me crazy.

    • Just use the search feature and go into All Packages and search for iWoman. It is available through the AppTapp Official source. You can also go under the Health category and find it there as well.

      The only way to delete YouTube is through SSH. Then you could delete the app right off your iPhone. Or, you could use an app like Poof and hide YouTube so it doesn’t show up on your SpringBoard. Or, you can wait until Firmware 2.0 which has parent controls for the YouTube app!

  16. Thanks a lot!

  17. HI i just came across this site and i’m so confused…how do you get this application on the iphone?????

  18. use i phone

  19. Did anything new happen? Is it already available for iphones that are not jailbroken? Thanks :)

  20. iWoman is great ive been using it since december!! I updated to 1.1.4 lol i had tons of trouble jailbreaking my iphone but its there again!! :D now the symptoms etc are workin they werent before.. well think it saved lol.
    Thanks so much for the site ive been using it alot since yesterday with the jailbreak problem!! :D

  21. Is this ok to put on the 3g iPhone?

  22. i need a new source for appTapp for the 2.0.2 jailbreak ipone, Cydia installer is not acepting the repository.apptapp.com.

  23. why is it that i kept getting Error Bad URL when i try to download?

  24. i need a source for cydia, i’m using 3g FW 2.1. Thanks

  25. I updatred my wife’s iPhone, and her iWoman APP is gone. She is dissappointed. I have searched Installer, and the App Store, but I have been unable to find it.
    Does anyone know where I can find it to download?

  26. how can I download the iWoman? I just installed the 2.2 version on my first generation IPhone … and i installed Cydia too … and in Cydia I don`t find the iWoman.