StackIf Stack sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Apple’s new Leopard OSX comes with a new Stacks feature where a single icon can fan out to a line or grid of icons. psychochromatic has brought it to the iPhone. It is still a work in progress so you can track the progress here. Pictures speak louder than words in a situation like this so here are some screenshots and videos:

Stack Stack Stack


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  1. i keep getting “Error – Unable to write springboard configuration” Is there anything I need to update/install before this to work???

  2. I also keeo getting “Error – Unable to write springboard configuration” , anybody here who knows how to fix?

    iPhone 1.1.4 User

  3. Me too… :-(

    On a 1.1.4.

  4. Me too on a 1.1.3

  5. same here!!!

  6. exactly what happened on mine 1.13….pretty much depressed, any sloutions?

  7. Same here on iPod Touch 1.1.3!

  8. so have we fixxed this yet????

  9. Not working here either on 1.1.4 any fixes?

  10. the version that is in installer is different from the picture on this site? how do you get that version? or does it not work for 1.1.4??? let me know… and I have that little yellow star at the bottom right corner and I cant even delete it… HELP!!!

  11. same prof says

    having the same problem here, was looking for a fix

  12. it doesn’t word on itouch/iphone 1.1.3/1.1.4
    “Stack does not run on iPhone OS 1.1.3, 1.1.4, or 2.0 until further notice”

  13. fudge… I’m on 1.1.4…