Louie Mantia – New Themes

I woke up this morning to find three new themes in my Installer.app (which is always exciting!). The new themes are Louie Mantia – Black, Louie Mantia – Holiday and Louie Mantia – Alt Colors. I will assume that because the original Louie Manita theme is one of the five that come on your iPhone when SummerBoard is installed, before installing any other sources, that these will now be among those five. They are products of Nullriver, Inc. I found that they have changed the dock in all three of the new themes, changed the icons to all black in the Louie Manita – Black theme and changed the icons (Weather, Photos, Calendar, Notes, iPod, and subtle changes to the rest of the icons) in the Lourie Mantia – Holiday theme and a few of the icon in the Louie Mantia – Alt Colors theme have been changed to different colors though the icons are the same. The themes also did not come with wallpaper. Below are screenshots of the themes. I have emailed Nullriver about the wallpaper…I will update the screenshots if an update is put out that includes wallpaper.

Also, check out our Themes page.

Louie Mantia - Black Louie Mantia - Holiday Louie Mantia - Alt Colors

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  1. Dude! I updated my iPhone to 1.1.1 yesterday and I dont get these themes anymore :( What source do I need? And what is the adress to it? I thought nullriver was originaly in apptapp ?


  2. Nevermind, solved it :)