Search Update 1.04b

Search As soon as you open the app you will notice there is now a Search Calendar option. Before you could only go to a specific date, which you can still do, but now you can search by entering text. This is great if you title events with the word “birthday”. It also searches the location. A bug in my opinion is that it searches events from the past which would be a nice option, but not something I want it to do for every search. For example, if I search for ‘work’ it shows the first time I ever entered work because it is a repeating event and no others. Another downfall, which was in the previous version also, is that when selecting a contact from search you aren’t allowed to edit it.

Search Update 1.04b Search Update 1.04b Search Update 1.04b Search Update 1.04b

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  1. I cannot seem to get 1.04b search anywhere, I have installer and cydia, do you know how I could find it please? Thanks, Jeff.