iApp-a-Day – Mixup

Mixup The app for November 21st is “Mixup”. This is a great little app. It opens to a screen of blocks with letters on them (they look like little scrabble blocks). The letters are mixed up but, when put in order they form a word. To move the letters around just drag them. When you have the word spelled correctly a screen pops up that says, Correct! and shows you the word. It also has a play again button that you can tap to get a new word. The largest word that you can get is a six letter word. One observation is that a few times I had letters that spelled more then one word and had to change it until I got the right one. Other than that, this is a SUPER fun app, definitely one I will keep installed. Also, after looking at the code…it looks like there are quite a few words programed into the app and even the potential to add your own words up to six letter long…so play away! Here are some screenshots:

Mixup Mixup Mixup Mixup Mixup Mixup Mixup Mixup

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