Creating your own website launching app

I found a website called iPhone Apper that helps you build your own website launching app. There are a couple things you’ll have to do to get it to work. First, you can’t visit the site in Internet Explorer on your computer. I had to use Firefox. Second you’ll have to use whatever SSH program you use to change the permissions on all the files of your new app to 755 or 0755. For an added bonus you can create you’re own launch screen by overwriting the Default.png file with a wallpaper of your choice. I made an app that opens google reader. If you need help just email me at If anyone knows how to make it not launch in a new window let me know!

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  1. Duffman™ says

    Just tried to create an icon for my website. But when I installed it, it didn’t work.Black screen and nothing then…=((