iRadio Update 1.0b4

iRadioUpdate 1.0b4 for iRadio now allows you to control the volume. Just turn up or down the volume with your volume buttons on the iPhone. Better yet, the “chipmunk” effect has been fixed. Now all stations are playing correctly which gives you even more choices. The player and settings buttons still do nothing. Here are the screenshots:

iRadio Update 1.0b4 iRadio 1.0b4

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  1. does iradio work well under edge?

  2. any chance of getting a widgets app review????

  3. The few times I have used it on edge…a few of the stations worked…it really depends on the quality of the stream and on the quality of the connection to the tower. If you have a good connection most of them will work fine. We usually use it on wifi and it works perfect! I will start trying it out more on edge and see what happens.

  4. Oh….and haven’t done a review on the widgets app because we heard it doesn’t work the best…but, I will add it on our list of reviews to do.

  5. for me it works pretty good with EDGE. can listen to 192kbps streams without trouble… when in my car up to 128 kbps works fine in high speeds… 192kbps works most of the time but 128 kbps is 100% stable… 192kbps can stop to buffer occasionally when on the move…

  6. what does all the numbers on the screen mean

  7. This is by far the best application I’ve seen!
    For the love of music to have all those directories available at my finger tips is ULTRA amazing!
    Worked perfectly for me, I was on wifi at home and I was able to listen to various genres.
    When I click on Settings though nothing loads up??

  8. @Heba – Yeah…the Settings option are not yet available! And, you are right…this is a sweet app!!

  9. I had really good luck getting 128k stations to work on EDGE, but then I realized something. My phone wouldn’t take calls if I was listening to radio on EDGE. It turns out that while the iPhone is using EDGE for data it cannot use it for phone calls.

  10. Every time i go to install this i get a message “ERROR package download failed” on my iphone 1.1.3

  11. doesn`t work on my 1.1.3 it`s kinda starts but then just kicks me bak to springboard

  12. Same thing here. it starts to load up then goes back to main screen. re-installing didnt work

  13. Toratora says

    How do I get iradio on my iPhone?

    Doesw it work om 114?

  14. I have run into many problems with the iRadio 1.0b4 app running on my 1.1.3 phone. It kicks back, soft freezes and has at times hard froze the phone. It isn’t currently possible to download via the installer from your Iphone. One must download the program via
    and install via a SSH server on your system.

    If they ever get this straightened out though it will be cool.

  15. The iRadio forum is here:

    iRadio 1.0b4 works pretty darn good on firmware 1.1.4… ;-)

  16. I’m using 1.1.4 and am still having trouble installing it on my phone. What could be the reason?

  17. Try adding to sources in installer and you can download from there, then add the crash fix from BigBoss beta source. this worked for me

  18. markoulis69 says

    i have receive today the version 1.0b4-1 from subband/en2go.My problem is when install it, it not remove the 1.0b4 from the update section.Do you now something else about that.

  19. can i add a custom stream to the lists available in iradio?

  20. My problem is i have it downloaded and it doesn’t crash, but it stays in the loading genres screen forever.

  21. Yeah, same problem as above. On wifi, just stuck on loading genres.

    iPod Touch (jalibroken by Ziphone, 1.1.4)

  22. Excuse me, but where can i download this programm? i did not find it at itunes and i do not see any link on this page here. can someone give me a link, please???

  23. Cindy Fortune says

    I want to download iRadio for my Touch but I can’t find where to download it????