Conceited Software now BigBoss

I noticed that quite a few apps in the installer, that used to be in the Conceited Software source, were now showing up as in the BigBoss source. So, after some research, I found out that Conceited Software has moved all of their apps to the BigBoss repo. In doing so, BigBoss has updated quite a few of them with some bug fixes, compatibility updates and making them function smoother. The apps listed below had either bug fixes or compatibility updates. I will do a reviews on the apps that had updates to the actual functionality.
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iFob Video

psx4all – Playstation for the iPhone

The Playstation emulator for the iPhone has finally been released. As of now it still is very slow for the games I’ve tested. I will try to give you step-by-step instructions on how to install and run this app, upload ROMs and bios and how to rip your own games right from your Playstation discs.

1. First install the app from Installer app.
2. Next you will need some ROMs. You can download some at This game can play ROMs with the following file extensions: .ISO, .IMG, .BIN, .Z, .ZNX
3. Now you need to use SSH to upload the ROMs to the var/root/Media/ROMs/PSX folder. You will have to create the ROMs folder if you haven’t already and also the PSX folder. You can do this with the SSH program. Make sure you use exact capitalization.
4. Now you need to download the bios. Just google search for the flie scph1001.bin. Just upload it to the /Applications folder and set it’s permissions to 0755.
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Othello Update 1.2-1

Othello There was an update in the for Othello which is available through the Conceited Software Source. This update does exactly what I hoped it would do!! It fixed the bug that when one player ran out of moves the game would just kind of freeze weird. Now, when one player runs out of moves it tells which player won and the score!! Great update! Here are the screenshots:

Othello Update 1.2-1

New Game – Othello

Othello This is a new game in the available through the Conceited Software Source. For those of you who know how to play Othello this app is exactly that! The point of the game is to get as many white disks on the board by the end of the game as possible (you are white…your iPhone is black). To move your chip, just tap on the square you would like to move it to. Once the board is filled a screen pops up telling who won and the score. To play again just tap OK. However, if the one of the players runs out of moves, the game kind of freezes and doesn’t say that no one can move or give you the option to play again, you just have to close the game and go back into it to play again. I am totally horrible at this game!! But, if I wasn’t so bad at it I think I would really like it! :) Here are some screenshots:

Othello Othello Othello
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iRadio Update 1.0b4

iRadioUpdate 1.0b4 for iRadio now allows you to control the volume. Just turn up or down the volume with your volume buttons on the iPhone. Better yet, the “chipmunk” effect has been fixed. Now all stations are playing correctly which gives you even more choices. The player and settings buttons still do nothing. Here are the screenshots:

iRadio Update 1.0b4 iRadio 1.0b4

gpSPhone – Game Boy Advance Emulator

gpSPhoneSo I finally sat down and tried to get gpSPhone to work on my iPhone. I think a lot of people are confused by the name and think it’s some type of GPS for the iPhone. It’s actually an emulator for Game Boy Advance games. There have been a few updates lately and I’ve heard the developer got a little help from the developer of the NES app. A big difference in this app from NES is that you have to download the bios (gba_bios.bin) to run the game yourself. You can just search for gba_bios.bin on Google and it’s usually the first link or you can download it from an actually Game Boy Advance. Another big difference in this app from NES is that the buttons are layered over the game. This way the game plays full screen. The buttons appear as shaded shapes over the game. See screenshots below. Ok, so now how do you install gpSPhone, get the bios, games, etc. Here’s a step by step guide: [Read more…]

Sudoku Update 1.0.2

Sudoku Man…the app people are on a roll lately. This morning there was an update to Sudoku in the and it is another great update! With the update, when you tap the “New” button it gives you an option of whether or not you would like a new game before, it would automatically go to a new game. This is great because if you have spent like half an hour trying to finish the game and the last box is the one just below the “New” button and you accidentally hit the “New” button instead of the little box below it and it automatically gives you a new game when you were just about to win…you might be slightly frustrated (Trust me…I know!!). :)

Sudoku Update 1.0.2 Sudoku Update 1.0.2

VNsea Update 0.6

VNseaThere is an update to VNsea today. Once I get to a PC I will test it out. If anyone else has updated let us know your experience.



MinesDeveloper’s description of game: Minesweeper.

Mines, more commonly known as minesweeper, opens to a page of gray squares. Under each square is either a number, mine or a blank square. The point of the game is to reveal all the squares except the ones that have mines under them. To see what is under the square, make sure the “x” button at the bottom of the page is selected and then tap the square you want to see. If you want to mark the square as a mine you need to change the button at the bottom of the page to “o.” Once you have all the squares flipped over or marked as a mines, correctly, it will bring up a screen that says, “cleared” and the amount of time it took. If you flip over a square that has a mine under it you will get a screen saying, “failed” with the amount of time you played. You can just tap the screen for a new game once you have cleared or failed. Mines is available through the Conceited Software source. Here are some screenshots:

Mines Mines Mines
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FiveDiceDeveloper’s description of game: Think Yahtzee! Fun, and easy to play.

If you know how to play Yahtzee, you will have no problem with FiveDice. The game opens to a main menu where you can put in the player’s name, check the high scores, start a new game and learn more about Fivedice. Once you have entered the player’s name just tap “New Game” to begin. You will have to click on the “Roll” button in the top right corner to get your first roll (it also shows you how many rolls you have left). There is a “Menu” button on the top left that will take you back to the main menu screen. The amount of turns you have left and your score are on the bottom of the screen. To select a die and keep it from rolling just tap it. Once you have a combination of dice that you would like to put on the score card [Read more…]


CrossyDeveloper’s description of toy: A snow globe with beautiful Swiss Alps background. Just turn your iphone or better yet shake it.

In this app there is a static background picture of the Swiss Alps, over the top of it are little snow flakes. As you tilt or shake the iPhone the snowflakes react accordingly. The snow moves together as a group. Crossy is available through the Conceited Software source. Here are some screenshots:

Crossy SpringBoard Crossy Crossy


SudokuDeveloper’s description of game: Sudoku for the iPhone.

Sudoku on the iPhone is played exactly the same as Sudoku anywhere else. The point of the game is to use the numbers 1-9 only once in a row, column and 3×3 box. It starts off by giving you a screen in which some of the numbers are already filled in…you go from there. You can add a number by clicking in a blank box, it will give you the number 1, to change it from a number 1 you just keep tapping until you have the number you want. If you get stuck and your brain starts to hurt from trying to figure it out, you can start over with a new game by hitting “new.” There is also a “check” button that tells you whether or not you really solved the puzzle. This game is TOTALLY addicting and one of my favorites. Sudoku is available through the Conceited Software source. Screenshots:

Sudoku SpringBoard Sudoku
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