iFob 1.45

iFob When I went to do a review on the update for iFob…I remembered how cool it actually was! Just the thought of a native social networking app that informs you when you are near other people who have iPhones is just so very cool! I would love to hear about your experiences with this app. If you have ever used it and if you actually met another iPhone user, a total stranger, through iFob! The possibilities! Ok, now for the updates! The update to iFob adds a new option that I think is really helpful! In the Settings, you are now able to turn on/off the ability to see yourself on the Near list. I honestly like the ability to turn this option on because, [Read more…]

Conceited Software now BigBoss

I noticed that quite a few apps in the installer, that used to be in the Conceited Software source, were now showing up as in the BigBoss source. So, after some research, I found out that Conceited Software has moved all of their apps to the BigBoss repo. In doing so, BigBoss has updated quite a few of them with some bug fixes, compatibility updates and making them function smoother. The apps listed below had either bug fixes or compatibility updates. I will do a reviews on the apps that had updates to the actual functionality.
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iFob Video