iFob 1.45

iFob When I went to do a review on the update for iFob…I remembered how cool it actually was! Just the thought of a native social networking app that informs you when you are near other people who have iPhones is just so very cool! I would love to hear about your experiences with this app. If you have ever used it and if you actually met another iPhone user, a total stranger, through iFob! The possibilities! Ok, now for the updates! The update to iFob adds a new option that I think is really helpful! In the Settings, you are now able to turn on/off the ability to see yourself on the Near list. I honestly like the ability to turn this option on because, you can then go into your profile and see what it would look like to others. Not only that but when no one is near you, at least it is not a blank screen! :) Check out THIS video for a really good demonstration of how this app works. iFob is available through the BigBoss source.

iFob 1.45 iFob 1.45 iFob 1.45

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  1. no one has ever been on when i use this app

  2. I will never use apps like this.
    I think it’s a security risk.

  3. Seriously, let’s not fool ourselves into somehow thinking that the iPhone, in it’s default state, is somehow secure to begin with. Anyway this seems like a pretty cool program to try out when your connecting flight has been canceled and you’ve got hours to kill in the airport.