iFob Video

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  1. I still haven’t gotten this to work on my 1.1.3 iphone.

    I get a package download failure every time I try to get it via Installer, so I downloaded the pxl package from their site and installed it manually instead. Now I get the splash screen for a couple seconds before it kicks me back to home.

    Anyone else have any luck?

    • Seedparasite says

      For iPhone 1.1.3
      Download the plx package from their site and install it manually instead.
      Go to the Terminal’s iphone and do:

      cd /Applications (enter)
      cd iFob.app (enter)
      su (enter)
      (->password: alpine (enter))
      chmod 733 (enter)

      Enjoy :)

    • Seedparasite says

      Oups, not 733 but 755 ! :)

  2. Cheating and stalking just got easier.

  3. Hi, i tried your method but when i put the pxl file in applications and run chmod 755 on iphone’s terminal i get usage: chmod [-fv] [-R [-H (etc…..) mode entry file…
    should i enter another thing before 755??