Conceited Software now BigBoss

I noticed that quite a few apps in the installer, that used to be in the Conceited Software source, were now showing up as in the BigBoss source. So, after some research, I found out that Conceited Software has moved all of their apps to the BigBoss repo. In doing so, BigBoss has updated quite a few of them with some bug fixes, compatibility updates and making them function smoother. The apps listed below had either bug fixes or compatibility updates. I will do a reviews on the apps that had updates to the actual functionality.

Updates via BigBoss:

iFob iFob got an update today. This update is mainly a user interface update. It adds some nice iPhone like status bar buttons to the bottom of the app’s U/I. This is also its debut in Cydia. Watch a video on how to use iFob HERE.

iRadioiRadio got an update today. The update fixes the 1.1.3 / 1.1.4 compatibility issues by setting the appropriate permissions to the app’s directory. This obsoletes my iRadio 1.1.3 fix which has been removed in place of this update. This is also iRadio’s debut into Cydia.

MobileChatiMobileChat gets a long awaited update to v2.23. This version fully supports 1.1.3 and 1.1.4, adds landscape mode, and some other important things. It’s been out a while on the twenty08 source, but this brings it to the masses in community sources. This is also the debut for mobile chat in Cydia.

Nikotalkie Nikotalkie gets an update to v1.45. The new version updates the server connect issues. This should enable Nikotalkie fans to be able to use the service again! The app also makes its debut into Cydia repository.

TwitxrTwitxr was just moved to the BigBoss source…no changes.

VNsea VNsea gets an update to v0.82. This adds support for Spanish language. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same. This is also the debut for VNsea in Cydia repository.

gPSphone psx4allBoth gPSphone (Gameboy Advance emulator) and psx4all (Playstation emulator) are now updated and brought up to the current versions from Zoddtd’s site. The community source is now inline with the public Zoddtd source eliminating the need to carry around that extra source.

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  1. Great! The more apps that move/duplicates over to Cydia the better.

  2. what about mobile chat….I updated just now to 2.3 but in the app the settings still say 2.0

  3. I tried installing mobilechat and no icon showed up. I tried turning off the phone and nothing. It did, however show up in the uninstall section of installer, and so did an update in the update section, but the update was for version 2.0.0b of mobilechat. weird huh?

    • The same thing happened to me with the icon and update thing, but it didn’t show up in the uninstall section. I had to SSH into my iPod Touch and manually delete the program to get it to uninstall on account of the program not working at all. That happened to me twice before I moved my fonts to the media partition of my drive using BossTool. After that, it installed to version 2.23.

  4. BigBoss is one of the best app dudes out there I actually had a chance to talk with him and he is one of the coolest guys in the iphone dev scene props to BigBoss

  5. I am unable to add softwares to I phone
    please guide me
    If possible provide me the link of the free softwares
    Thanks in advance


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