MobileChat 2.21

MobileChat is an AIM application for the iPhone. This is really a nice app…honestly I’m not sure I have seen one better than this. When you first open the app you will come to a blank screen (which will eventually show a list of all your accounts) where you can Add an Account or Edit your Account list (which allows you to delete an account). You will want to start by adding an Account. When you tap on Add Account you are brought to a list of AIM services you can choose from including; AOL, .mac, XMPP, msn and icq. Just tap on the one you would like to add…then type in your screenname and password for that account and tap Save in the upper right corner. You will be brought back to the main list. To sign into an account, just tap on it. Once you have selected an account, it will sign you in…this process takes a little while so be patient…it will give you a warning if it cannot connect…if you don’t have a warning or you are not connected…just wait! Once you are connected [Read more…]