MobileChat 2.21

MobileChat is an AIM application for the iPhone. This is really a nice app…honestly I’m not sure I have seen one better than this. When you first open the app you will come to a blank screen (which will eventually show a list of all your accounts) where you can Add an Account or Edit your Account list (which allows you to delete an account). You will want to start by adding an Account. When you tap on Add Account you are brought to a list of AIM services you can choose from including; AOL, .mac, XMPP, msn and icq. Just tap on the one you would like to add…then type in your screenname and password for that account and tap Save in the upper right corner. You will be brought back to the main list. To sign into an account, just tap on it. Once you have selected an account, it will sign you in…this process takes a little while so be patient…it will give you a warning if it cannot connect…if you don’t have a warning or you are not connected…just wait! Once you are connected it will show a list of all your buddies (it is supposed to show a complete list of your buddies but, all I see are the ones that are on-line).

To chat…just tap on a buddy! This will bring up the keyboard and you just use it the same as you do texting. You can also get more information/options for that buddy by tapping on the More button in the upper right corner. This will give their profile information, you can clear the chat history or you can close the conversation…to get back to the conversation just tap Conversation in the upper left corner. In the mean time, while you wait for a reply, you can tap the Buddy List button in the upper left corner and go back to the Buddy List. From here you can chat with another buddy, enter a new buddy, sign out, change your status to away or online andt change the Settings. In the Settings you have the option to turn on/off Vibration, Sound, Pop-Up Notifications, Auto Reconnect, Wifi Keep Alive and he ability to change the theme (there is currently only one theme). When someone does repy…you will get a little pop-up giving you a portion of the message…you can then tap on the message to get back to the full conversation.

There are two very cool features about this app…one is that you can close the app and it will stay connected and show how many messages you have on a badge on the app icon. Two is the fact that is works over Edge. The initial sign-on is fairly slow via Edge but, once you are signed, on the app works almost like normal. When I tested it, it took 30 seconds or less for me to receive a reply (it may have even taken less than that). It seemed very smooth and did not glitch (though I’m sure this is based on your Edge connection). Also, the chat can be viewed in landscape mode which is pretty cool. So far, I really like this app…I’m going to have to use it a little more to get the full feel of it…but, so far, not bad at all! MobileChat is available through the source. Below are the screenshots.
MobileChat 2.2 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21

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  1. this app was the best im app within the im apps. but it crashes so often. they’ve stopped updating it sadly :(

  2. Wait… does it only works for AIM? What about MSN??

  3. nikhilr51 says

    if you look at the screenshots above it shows msn as an option (i dont know why its called, “MobileChat is an AIM application” but it does work with msn.

  4. CescoScap says

    Hi, I’ve just buy the new iPhone 3G and I don’t now where is the installer… I think that in the 2.0 software the installer there isn’t
    What can I do?
    Please contact me on my email:
    Thank you in advance

    • the installer is not out for 2.0 firmware yet, and probably won’t be for a while. A lot of changes were made in 2.0 and most apps need to be completely redone. We’ll have to sit and wait, or you could downgrade your 2.0 to 1.1.4.


  5. This needs yahoo messenger support!!

  6. just for the record, this is now available in the app store for $2.99 and much upgraded. (it is much better then aim and the prior versions of mobilechat. check it out, its worth the $3.)

  7. Just a warning, if you buy the official mobilechat from the app store it works in a very different way to the older versions, your usernames and passwords are sent to mobilechat’s servers, and they will maintain the connection…
    Their privacy policy says they will log your passwords, buddy lists and conversations and that they may use them internally for any purpose (ie you agree that their staff are free to read your messages and use your accounts)… A situation i find very disturbing.

  8. kofcbaseball29 says

    Where can you get this app?

  9. will not connect to mobilechat, keep getting message “cannot connect to mobilechat”

  10. can anybody help me out,ive a problem with my im chat app twenty 08 from BIG BOSS .It says ” connection error from notification server: reading error”whenever i try to connect it.Is there any other app for im chat or how can i fix this problem.