Sudoku Update 1.0.2

Sudoku Man…the app people are on a roll lately. This morning there was an update to Sudoku in the and it is another great update! With the update, when you tap the “New” button it gives you an option of whether or not you would like a new game before, it would automatically go to a new game. This is great because if you have spent like half an hour trying to finish the game and the last box is the one just below the “New” button and you accidentally hit the “New” button instead of the little box below it and it automatically gives you a new game when you were just about to win…you might be slightly frustrated (Trust me…I know!!). :)

Sudoku Update 1.0.2 Sudoku Update 1.0.2

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  1. I want Soduko so bad and not the webapp version. I can’t seem to get much, if anything from conceitedsoftware to download for me.
    Anyone have the zip?

  2. this is great, but still need a way to “mark up”. (little numbers in the boxes to save whre you think it might go)