MinesDeveloper’s description of game: Minesweeper.

Mines, more commonly known as minesweeper, opens to a page of gray squares. Under each square is either a number, mine or a blank square. The point of the game is to reveal all the squares except the ones that have mines under them. To see what is under the square, make sure the “x” button at the bottom of the page is selected and then tap the square you want to see. If you want to mark the square as a mine you need to change the button at the bottom of the page to “o.” Once you have all the squares flipped over or marked as a mines, correctly, it will bring up a screen that says, “cleared” and the amount of time it took. If you flip over a square that has a mine under it you will get a screen saying, “failed” with the amount of time you played. You can just tap the screen for a new game once you have cleared or failed. Mines is available through the Conceited Software source. Here are some screenshots:

Mines Mines Mines
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