New Firmware Page

We have created a page that links to iPhone firmware from Apple.

download firmware 1.1.2
download firmware 1.1.1
download firmware 1.0.2
download firmware 1.0.1
download firmware 1.0

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  1. Perhaps publishing similar links for the iPod Touch would be useful too.

  2. for some reason i downloaded the firmware and tried to install it twice but it isnt working for some reason…am i missing something? thanks for the help.

  3. Hmm, as far as I know you should be able to hold the shift key (in windows) when clicking restore or update and it will let you choose the version from wherever you saved it on your computer.

  4. Yeah that is what i tried, but it keeps accessing it as a file and opening the downloaded .zip…i just gave it one more shot and the same thing happened.

  5. I’ve tried to downgrade to 1.1.1 and I was unsuccessful in doing so not sure the reason why thought I followed the intrsructions well. I could only restore from the original settings and firmware 1.1.2 has restored it’self. Could someome set up a vid on how this is done properly from beggining to end. Thanx

  6. @Drew – We don’t have iPhones that are new in box 1.1.2 so I can’t do this demo. All the info and link I have is on