DropCopy 0.4b Update

DropCopyWhile testing the new version of DropCopy I’ve noticed a couple changes. One is the filter menu has changed. You can now see your iTunes library and share songs which has replaced the Apps button. Another change is the DropCopy tools. The “Restart Springboard” option is gone and has been replaced with “Show Current IP Number” and “Launch PDF Viewer” options. A problem I’m having is when I turn off, then back on the “Accept Incoming” option in the settings, I can’t get it to turn back on and it just crashes the iPhone. It’s happening on both iPhone so now I can’t get the app to work at all :( Here are some screenshots:

dropcopy 0.4b dropcopy 0.4b 1 dropcopy 0.4b 2 dropcopy 0.4b 3 dropcopy 0.4b 4 dropcopy 0.4b 5

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  1. Charles Chambers says

    This has nothing to do with dropcopy, but I noticed David Crowder Band Music. David Crowder Band is my favorite artist. Nice choice!

  2. HAHA…thanks!

  3. Its not working on 1.1.4 for me