New Toy – DressUp

DressUp DressUp is a toy available in the through the Ste Packaging Source. DressUp is an app the combines a few previous apps that allow you to take a picture and then drag images onto the picture to “dress up” the person in your picture. It is exactly the same to Erica Sadun’s apps Pirate and Halloween but now just puts them all in one spot. The app opens to a menu giving you all of the theme options (at this time there are only Pirate and Halloween available) just select the theme you would like to use. Hold your camera up like you are going to take a picture and when you have the picture where you want it tap Stop in the top left corner. Now you can drag the images from the bottom of the screen onto the picture. If you decide you don’t like the picture and want to set another one, just tap Restart in the top left corner. Once you have the picture exactly how you would like it you can email it by tapping Email in the top right corner. Here are the screenshots:

DressUp DressUp DressUp
DressUp DressUp DressUp DressUp Halloween Pirate

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