How do I change the dialer on my iPhone?

Below are instruction on how to manually change the dialer on your iPhone. The “dialer” is the keypad used to dial a phone number when in your Phone.

If you are on firmware 2.x – When you jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch, the Cydia application will be added to your SpringBoard with the rest of your applications. You will want to go into Cydia and search for the OpenSSH application. If it is not already installed, you will need to install it.

If you are on firmware 1.1.4 or below – you will need to use the and install both BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH on your iPhone (in that order).

Below are the rest of the instructions which are the same for all current firmware:
If you are on a PC…you will then need to install WinSCP on your computer. Macs come with OpenSSH but if you’d like some alternatives check here. To connect to WinSCP you will need to go into your Settings application on your iPhone and then into the Wi-fi option, click on the little arrow next to the Wi-Fi you are connected to and get the ip address. Now open WinSCP on your computer….the Host Name is your ip address (with the periods) the user name is root and the password is alpine. Don’t worry about the Private key file, you don’t need to put anything there. Hit login.

Once WinSCP opens, the dialer goes into /Applications/ Once you are in that folder you will see all of the stock files for your MobilePhone application this is where you are going to drag your new files to.

Create a folder somewhere on your computer and name it the title of the dialer you would like to add (ex…RetroPhoneDialer). In this folder you will want to put all of the files from the dialer you have downloaded. Once you have put all the files into your “RetroPhoneDialer” folder…open the folder so you can see all of the files.

Warning: What you are about to do will overwrite your stock dialer…make sure you make a backup of the folder that is one your iPhone before you begin. You can do this by clicking and dragging the folder out of WinSCP to your desktop and selecting Copy.

Once you have your dialer folder open (the one on your computer…”RetroPhoneDialer”), you will want to select all of the files inside it and drag them into the folder in WinSCP and hit Copy. You will then want to select Yes to all. Note: your iPhone has to be on for the file to transfer! Once it is done transferring…restart your iPhone and go into Phone and check your keypad…TaDa!!…you will see your new dialer!!

If you are downloading a dialer that is in a zip file…you will have to drag the folder out of the zip file to your computer. This unzips the file so that you can add it’s files to the folder through WinSCP. If the dialer you are downloading is a .rar file you can use WinRAR to open it (you have to download WinRAR it to your computer). You will then need to drag the folder out of the zip file to your computer to unzip it.

Note: Some dialers are made for a specific firmware so be sure to read all the file info before downloading and adding the dialer.

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Dialer Before and After Screenshots:
Please note the credit to the designer is displayed by hovering over the screenshot of the dialer. If you would like to download the dialer shown below…just click on it!

Stock Dialer by RetroPhoneDialer designed by Mr_Sparkle & Kaos (Uploaded by xanthus86)

If you have any further questions…email
If you would like to add information about this process please use the comments!! Thanks

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  1. Hey, nice tuto, thanks for taking the time to explain all this.
    The only thing I didn’t get was where you can find this famous RetroPhoneDialer ?? or any other skin? I found a file googling, did the thing a I get a partial skined dialer: the upper bar isn’t displaying right, its distortioned, and the call button is like the old one, exept its grey i think . I guess the files I donwloaded weren’t the right ones.
    Where can I find the good ones?
    Thanks again for the work and congrats on the website !

  2. Here is the best place to find them:

  3. I just want say thanks you all for the works.

  4. No problem!

  5. I upgraded to 1.1.3 and cannot find root/Applications/ I would like to reinstall retro phone dialer can you help…


  6. I have a 1.1.2 OTB and i cannot find root/Applications/ in my iphone… i have BSD Subsystem and i am using OpenSSH. I need another app for find this? TY!

    • Nope you are doing it correctly…my directions were probably confusing…you need the main Applications folder so Applications/…I should have left the root out or wrote it like this /Applications/ because it is just under the main root folder not the root subfolder. Did I just confuse you or did that help?

  7. eggnoodle says

    WOW thanks – that worked like a charm!!!

  8. Thnx :D
    Heb je ook nog ergens de standaard voor me?
    Alvast bedankt :D

  9. salam telecharger

  10. I tried to download a dialer from modmyiphone but it says i do not have permission to acces the page…i dont kno what to do any suggestions

  11. I am new to iphone and not so technically inclined.
    I need to know whether i have to connect my iphone to my pc via USB cable to change the phone dialer with the steps posted above.


  12. Hi Brooke,

    I followed your instructions and I have backed up my original dialer files. However, when I re-installed my original dialer my phone wouldn’t show it. I would push the phone icon and there would be a flash and return to the main screen on the iphone.

  13. Well, copy retro dialer to iPhone 4 and finding it doesn’t work then coping back the stock dialer screwed up my dialer altogether and I had to restore my phone to factory and now I have to re-jailbreak… Thanks..

  14. hello,
    I have query regarding Cydia. i have iphone 3gs.
    just now i had jailbreak iphone n now I tried to download some app from Cydia…but after clicking install. it got hanged on loading icon….from last two hrs and continues.
    even i removed sim n try to switched off but its not working at all.
    plzzzzz help me out on urge.


  15. robert soutar says

    if you have a jailbroken phone on ios 6.1.2 it is simple to create a custom weather screen,notification screen and phone dialer, all enabled through winterboard,if you require the info jut post a reply for details

  16. Nadzwyczaj fajny post, interesujące teksty polecam wszystkim

  17. The payphone dialer is what I have been seeking for ,over a week, there seems to be zero options for ios7 as to changing the dialer look on my phone and I hate those round white buttons.
    Why isnt there a retro(payphone) dialer for ios7 and above, so frustrating….


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  4. Vialafil says:


    How do I change the dialer on my iPhone? | Apple iPhone School