New App – CameraPro 1.02

CameraPro CameraPro is a new app that allows you to add features to your Camera. It is available in the through the Ste Packaging source. Not all of the features are free…but, a few of them are. The options that you get for free include Digital Zoom, Black & White, Image Size and Auto-orientation. The following options can be used up to five times before you have to purchase the app in order to use them; Self Timer, Burst Mode and Silent Shutter. They also plan on adding (to the purchased version) Manual Exposure, Shutter Speed and Scene Mode.

To begin using the app just tap the Continue Button in the lower right corner of the main screen. You will then see a menu bar on the bottom of the screen…if you tap the Preferences button you will get options to turn on/off Fast Burst and Silent Mode. You will also notice that the ability to add your Flickr account to the app and send your pics straight to Flickr will be available soon…it should be available around the second week of January! If you tap on Pictures on the lower menu bar…it will bring up your Photo Albums (when you take a picture with this app, it is put into your Camera Roll on your iPhone with the rest of your pics). The About button gives you more info about the app. To get back to the screen to take a picture just tap Capture in the lower left corner. To use the app…just hold your iPhone up like you are going to take a picture…you then tap the Camera button on the lower middle of the screen to actually capture the picture. If you would like to take a picture in Black & White just tap the Full color icon on the top left (before you take the pic)…it should change it to say Grayscale. This does not change your display to Black & White…so once you have taken the picture you have to go into your Camera Roll to actually see the pic you took in B&W. It will automatically change it back to Full color after you take a picture. You can also turn on the timer. You get 10 seconds before it captures a pic…it displays the seconds you have left, in red, just below the Timer feature. It also makes a little tone each second for the last three seconds so you know it is about to take the pic. Two more option on the top of the screen allow you to turn on Burst mode and change the size of the picture. You will also notice a vertical bar on the right side of the screen…this adjusts the digital zoom. Just hold up your iPhone and tap and drag the little circle…you will see the zoom adjust on your display. I did have one problem with the app and that was it said the trail on some of my features was expired before I even used them! If you do use one of the trail features more then the five times a little window will pop up telling you that your trail has expired and that you must purchase the full version. If you want to purchase the full version of the app you can do it through the main screen or by tapping on the About button. The cost of the app is $19.99 until February 2008 it will then be $29.99. I think $29.99 sounds like a lot for one app…but, maybe you don’t think so…let me know in the comments!! Here are the screenshots:

CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro CameraPro

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  1. I think, $2,99 should be the right price …

  2. I think this is a great improvement on the camera for the iphone. The free features are enough for me. The problem I see is if the next updates for the iphone don’t make it possible to have a jailbroken phone with the new features offered by apple, then perhaps you’re throwing your money away. I expect at some point the new firmware updates will have enough improvements or add features we might want on the phone and we might have to chose between that or jailbroken phone and those apps. I hope we can have both. But in the meantime, I’m loving the new features offered by this app.

  3. I think it’s a great app. Love the timer. Hope to see Flickr integration soon.

  4. I liked most of the features. I could not get the zoom to shoot a clear picture when zooming from a distance. I suppose it works for zooming on something in front of you.

  5. I think charging for an app is okay, so long as the price is fair. $30 for some camera tricks for a phone that doesn’t even support MMS is a bit much, imo. I patched the app to accept any key as valid, and unless the author drops the price, I don’t plan on buying it anytime soon ;\

  6. it should be free…

  7. When i take a picture with this app it does not orient itself properly…it jsut keeps flipping upside down no matter which way i turn the phone when viewing pics…

    any help would be much appreciated!

  8. also the preferences option does not work on my version…it will not let me adjust ANY of the preferences.

  9. $30 for the same basic feature-set that is available for free with Snapture… You want to charge people to put a self-timer on their camera?

  10. How do I import pictures and videos from my iPhone new app CameraPro to my pc?