More Firmware 1.1.3 Video

Due to so many believing that 1.1.3 information was fake Gearlive’s Bleeding Edge has released another video of firmware 1.1.3:

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  1. It looks very true, so, I believe that he has another firmware, but how did he get it?

  2. I feel so sorry about Steve Jobs, you left no boom for him to tell..
    Now he will get mad.. he likes to boom, PEOPLE WHY YOU SHOW THIS..

  3. Well i think this is an third party software for springboard or sustomize.For example you can easily change what the firmware tab shows,like you can change what “Slide to unlock” button shows.I believe that the icons can be moved wiht third party software too.

  4. douglas and brooke what do you guys think about all this FAKE or REAL??????????

  5. So far…we think it is real…just based on the info we have seen. We should have our 3rd podcast, iPhone101, up by the end of today…we talk about it there…you will have to check it out!

  6. I believe Gizmodo said they were able to confirm that it was real.


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