iPhone 101 – Episode 3

YAY! Our 3rd episode of iPhone101. If you have any suggestions…let us know in the comments. Enjoy!

Gearlive’s Bleeding Edge article on 1.1.3
Make Your Own Bookmarks
Preorder and Pay

Action Jacket
A Slipper Case

3rd Party Apps

typing tutor

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  1. very interesting, thanks a lot!

    worth to note that there are some competitors to isms.. smsd and wesms for example. not sure which is the best.

  2. Great job as usual guys/girls. Best iphone site on the net IMHO

    I’m gonna DIGG IT.

    Auburn CA, 95603

  3. YOu have been DUGG!!

  4. YAY!…digging is cool!!

  5. Hi from Brazil!!

    Congratulations for the excellent work, I love these videos, especially when Brooke gives her pretty smiles.

    Why the videos are not available for download? That would be excellent to be able see them in any place! Think about this!

    And continues filming! Brooke, continues smiling! I love you!

  6. Hey Doug and Brooke,

    I have a great Icon but I can’t find your contact e-mail or something.
    Here do you have it.
    I think you like it.

    TTR icon
    Designer -> Rodey AKA Xynetor

  7. Congrats. for the 101 from PORTUGAL
    On this last episode, Doug takes photos from the actual screen he is on, like print screen on PC.
    How do we do that?
    And Brooke, you’re ausome!
    Thanks guys!
    And keep on the good work

  8. We use Dock. You can also use an app called screenshot.

  9. Hey Brooke Doug……. great site i love it y informative and great production value. Keep up the great work.