TuneWiki 1.0

TuneWiki TuneWiki opens to a list of all the artists on your iPhone. You can change it to a list of song titles by tapping the “song” icon at the bottom of the screen. Tapping an artist then shows all albums by that artist and then you choose the album then song. Tapping the song title plays the song, displays album art and lyrics. You also have volume, play, pause, prev & next; playback time that you can slide to adjust. The current line of lyrics is in bold and the next line shows below it with lighter text. Just tap the album art to advance to the next line. Some songs actually advance on their own. Jeremy Camp’s Right Here didn’t although Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River did. Kelly Clarkson’s Because of You pulled in the lyrics for her Over The Rainbow. If the Re-Sync button is blue, the lyrics are already synced to the song, if it is read, you have to tap to advance lyrics the first time, then it saves it for next time. The reason for all of this, Wiki. Wiki means that the information can be edited by anyone in the community. This is great because one song has some spelling errors, bad timing & missing lyrics. I logged in to tunewiki.com, created a username, downloaded a simple app to my PC and it scanned my music library. I then edit the song with my computer and resynced the lyrics. I went back to TuneWiki on the iPhone and the new lyrics were now perfect. This was done all automatically! So nice and very very nice app. Can you imagine if all future mp3 players embeded this software? This would put back the lyrics back where they belong, with the music.

Now, if I don’t write any articles for a couple weeks you know it’s cause I’m rewriting and syncing my entire music collection :)

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  2. Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts.

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