TuneWiki 1.1 Update

TuneWikiLet the lyric syncing begin! TuneWiki has announced their competition to see who can sync the most lyrics accurately. The top 3 at the end of February will receive an iPod Touch! Also, 5 random winners from the top 100 will receive an iPod Nano. They will also start a new competition in March and possibly each month for a few months. If you were having troubles with the update it’s because tens of thousands of you were trying to update all at once. TuneWiki’s servers have been now upgraded to a T3 connection and they hope to have everyone updated with in a day. So, enough about the contest, here’s the updates to the app:

– Welcome page explains how to sync and submit your contribution. Seems like most new users did not dig it.
– New help button. Click it. If you can read it, you are under 35 years old for sure.
– New shuffle button. the number 1 request!
– New alpha slider on song list. the number 2 request!
– The ‘sync’ song annoying pop-up will only pop once. Number 3 request!
– the ‘sync’ button color simply change to red if the song is not synced yet. just tap away…
– Feedback – a green line will show you a successfully submitted sync to the server with your user ID

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  1. This app times out after 1-2 secs, using 1.1.1 jailbroken. Unable to launch correctly Any conflict with other apps?

  2. If anyone’s interested in how TuneWiki built their application infrastructure to scale, see my blog: http://gevaperry.typepad.com/main/2008/01/gigaspaces—po.html

  3. are people aware that lyrics show up with the ipod application? while listening to a song if you tap the album artwork twice lyrics show up on my phone. I think it is because i have an application on my mac that adds lyrics to the songs. it works great the lyrics look really good