Sketches Update 0.4 beta 2

Sketches There is an update to Sketches in the through the AppTapp Official source. I was really excited to see this update…because it is like Sketches…like one of the original games! But honestly…I can’t find any visual changes with the update!! Let me know in the comments if you see anything!

Sketches Update 0.4 beta 2

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  1. hi brooke, there is an important change! now you can import photos from image library and not only from cameraRoll. i have an ipod touch and with the old version i was unable to import my photos, because we haven’t the cameraroll folder, but now we can :D

  2. Oh YAY!!!

  3. and shake to erase!

  4. The previous version actually had that feature…I love it!

  5. lol there are no new features guys

  6. I don’t like anything. Perhaps I have to consult.


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