New App – Waves 1.1 & 1.1-1

Waves Waves is just a fun little app that creates a wave or ripple affect when you touch the screen. The app opens to the main menu where you can choose to on/off the floating button and choose your background. There are four background options to choose from; your current wallpaper, Bear, Clownfish and Bubble. When you select one…it will bring you to a full screen of that image. You can then tap the image or drag your finger across the image and create waves. Just double tap to get back to the main menu. If have any questions about the app just tap on Help in the upper right corner…About in the upper left conrer will open a webpage with more info about the app. I am TOTALLY a water person…give me a beach any day! So, I actually kind of like this app…my wallpaper was a of a beach and I added a few waves here and there….but, then I wished I was on the beach and had to close that app!! :) Waves is available in the through the Ste Packaging source. Here are the screenshots:

NOTE: As I am writing this post, Waves version 1.1-1 has come out…the update actually uninstalls the app. The Developer says that there has been sporadic issues with this app and he is trying to fix it…in the mean time, do not install this app. I have not had any problems with it yet…hopefully we will see an update soon that fixes the issue. However, there are screenshots below if you would like to see what the app looked like!

Waves 1.1 Waves 1.1-1 Waves 1.1 Waves 1.1 Waves 1.1 Waves 1.1 Waves 1.1 Waves 1.1 Waves 1.1

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  1. you can actually use the application screens also to use the waves effect on that i saw here.

  2. i phone 3 g 16go