Extended Preferences 0.3.2

This app adds a new menu of options under the Settings app on the iPhone. Under settings you will see a choice called “Interface”. You can then edit your status bar or springboard. Settings for status bar include: changing the time to text or a fake time, making carrier and signal bars invisible, type in a fake carrier (this will remove your custom carrier unless using customize), show battery level in percentage and more. The springboard option incorporates Summerboard and allow you to mess with the app reveal mode. You can install this app through the modmyifone source.

UPDATE: This app has been removed from the Installer.app because of the amount of bugs it has! If you are getting the “main spript execution failed” you can try reinstalling BSD Subsystem…that has worked for a few people. Also check out THIS thread.

Extended Preferences 0.3.2 Extended Preferences 0.3.2 Extended Preferences 0.3.2 Extended Preferences 0.3.2 Extended Preferences 0.3.2 Extended Preferences 0.3.2 Extended Preferences 0.3.2 Extended Preferences 0.3.2

I’ve just noticed a few more feature of this app. Not only does it add the interface option in settings, but it adds other features to brightness & general settings and also add a speakers settings:

Extended Preferences 0.3.2 Extended Preferences 0.3.2 Extended Preferences 0.3.2 Extended Preferences 0.3.2

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  1. So, with Extended Preferences, I can type in a carrier name of my choosing instead of having the telcos name on it? (like, “Chet” instead of “AT&T”)?

  2. @chetiboy – Yes!

  3. Seems to not working with iPod Touch

  4. Well i didnt like the app and when I try to uninstall it give me an error saying “main script execution failed” and i cannot find the preferences.app folder anywhere….im running 1.1.2
    Any Ideas

  5. Someone left some comments about this app in our Forum…under the Extended Preferences category. I’m not sure if you are having the same problem or not. You might want to check it out.

  6. After I install this, I set up show up battery percentage.
    I reboot my iphone then it just infinity reboot. it never show up main screen.
    It just show me apple mark. then reboot and reboot.

    How I can fix that???

  7. Never mind… I restored..

  8. I installed the app thru installer.app to check it out, but decided to uninstall it afterwards. The problem is, when I was uninstalling it, it give me an error saying “main script execution failed” and it never really finished uninstalling. What’s irritating is that the time on top of the screen has been tweaked (there’s a fake time feature in extended preferences) and has not returned to normal. and probably other tweaks as well. I’m not sure how to fix this. I haven’t even changed anything yet when I installed the app. I can’t reinstall Extended Preferences to fix the problem coz it’s still on the Uninstall section of the Installer app and I cannot uninstall it.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Please help. Thanks.

  9. I installed this app wit not problem on my Jailbroken 1.1.2 Touch. However, the only new option in Settings that I noticed was that there seems to be an [iPod] Tweaks option within the General tab. It only alows me to turn ON or OFF the On the Go option and to Shuffle either Songs or Albums. There is no Interface option for allowing me to alter the Status Bar or Springboard. What’s the deal?

  10. I have the same problem. When I tried to uninstall it it said “main execution script failed” and now I’m stuck.

  11. @Borae…sorry…I was going to tell you that was probably the only way to fix that…but, you beat me to it! Restoring is so sad! :(

    @Everyone else…please note that this app has been removed from the Installer.app becuase of the amount of bugs it has!

    If you are getting the “main spript execution failed” you can try reinstalling BSD Subsystems! Also check out THIS thread.

  12. Hello. I am the author of this application. I would like to throughly apologize to all that have experienced the bugs, and I am working as hard as I can to get rid of them. I am working on three things: (1) A fresh install that has all bugs fixed (2) A patch to help those who are experiencing the bugs (3) A patch so that it can be used on the iPod Touch.

  13. That is ok Will…everyone who has a hacked iPhone knows that they install apps at there own risk…that comes with hacking!! We do appreciate your concern and your willingness to fix the problems! I look forward to all the fixes and an update!

  14. works now with ipod touch i had no problems or bugs during installation

  15. my phone hung while restarting after i downloaded it!
    i restored and jailbroke my phone again and everything was ok but when i resynced my backed up files on itunes(contacts,sms,…) the fake clock was there again and the battery level(although i like tht:) ) and “new dock” but the program isnt there anymore to remove the settings and when i download summerboard it freezes and i have to restore it! Is there any way i can get things back to normal until the new version comes out?!
    When is it coming out anyway?? Its a great app by the way =D nice job!! But in the future please test the apps for bugs before publishing for everyone else..
    best luck fixing it:)

  16. I had the same restart problem. Update to 1.1.2 and run iworld again, its works for me.

  17. Im not quit familiar with jailbreaking and unlocking 1.1.2!..
    is it the same as 1.1.1?

  18. @Yassa….no, it is actually much different!! Jailbreaking a 1.1.2 is a much longer and more difficult process then jailbreaking a 1.1.1 (that is why we don’t have it on our site…just links to other people’s instructions…it is just not clean enough for us yet!). But, hopefully the jailbreak for 1.1.3 is just as easy as the jailbreak for 1.1.1!!

  19. Then till now i should just wait for the real version of extended preferences to be released on the installer app to fix the problems the old one caused?

  20. Will Strafach says

    Hey guys, new version will hopefully be up by tomorrow!

  21. YAY!

  22. im just hoping the new version will bring my settings icon back. because now mine is missing after i upgraded to 1.1.3 and jailbreaked it. i also have that main script execution failed error when uninstalling.. meh good luck.

  23. When is it comin out?! I cant wait much longer:S:D!!

  24. Hi people.
    is the new extendet preferences out or not yet?

  25. @Nophers…it is not out yet…pretty soon hopefully!

  26. When i went to unstaill this, it came up with error “main script execution failed!”and than i went back to home screen and my settings icron has disappeared? any ideas on how to get my icon back without restoreing bec im using a unlock 1.1.1 phone

  27. Will Strafach says

    Just thought I’d fill you guys in on some information about the new release. It will not be distributed and installed all from installer this time. Because of Installer.app complications with the last version, I am currently making a modified version of the program that is used to install the 1.1.3 jailbreak, but instead use it to install the Extended Preferences Hack v0.4.

  28. hello people.
    how can i get the extended preferences on my iphone?

  29. @ Will Strafach – thanks for the update! please let us know when this is ready to go!

  30. HELP! Please so much, i had an iphone got it blocked first day went though so much to get it unlocked again it was horrible and stressfull everything has been fine till i installed extended preferences it has now got rid of my SETTINGS! icon! how can i get this back and get rid of the extended preferences application without restoring my iphone! as i am scared to get it blocked again, please i hate this i wanna cry so much :( please email me natillie01@aol.com for help on how to sort out this problem, any one thta can help i would epriciate it so much! thankyou for reading :'(…X x

  31. So, I used the preference in the original release to utilize the “tap battery icon to see percentage left”. I’ve since gotten a new iPhone, and restored it. I left it unjailbroken, and this feature STILL existed.

    I have now jailbroken my 1.1.3 phone with today’s method, and I noticed the app is no longer available. Is there a preference file that I can edit or delete that will REMOVE this feature? I don’t want the tap-battery feature anymore.

  32. Can anyone tell me how can i get estended preferences????

  33. Will Strafach says

    Got a message from Poetic_Folly, the one who hosts EPH via his installer source on ModMyiFone. It appears that they are moving servers, and are trying as hard as they can to get everything moved as fast as possible. On the bright side, I am almost done with v0.5!

  34. Jimmy Herb says

    I am on a 1.1.4 (Ziphone) and during the install through installer it crashes back to springboard

  35. Program is worthless! DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT! Had to restore a 100% perfect 1.1.3 jailbroken iphone to factory 1.1.4….Thanks a lot bro.

  36. Will Strafach says

    You obviously did something wrong. There is nothing that this could do to harm your phone.

  37. Jeremiah Bullafa says

    where do you find it under???

  38. Hey i need some help… i put my name in the fake carrier and hate it. it says use make it mine to fix it. What is make it mine? And how can i fix?


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