Macworld and iPhone

We are going to be seeing some changes with the iPhone! Macworld transcript from…starts at the bottom and goes up!

9:35am – “All the same stuff we just heard about on the iPhone — on the iPod touch. Starting today we’re going to build it into every new iPod touch, for existing iPod touch users it’s going to be just a $20 upgrade.” EXCUSE me?! You have to PAY for this? This is SO weak.

“iPod touch, and the iPhone — major software updates. And that’s the second thing I want to talk about.” Big applause.

9:34am – “The iPhone isn’t standing still, we keep making it better and better. That’s the iPhone. But what about hte iPod touch. What can we do for the touch? We decided to add five apps to the touch. Mail, maps, stocks, notes, and weather!” [About freaking time! – Peter]
9:33am – “They pick up beacons, triangulate the beacons, and tell you where you are — and Google is doing the same thing triangulating cell towers — we’re using both of them, and it works pretty doggone well. We have this new add to home screen button… add our apps right to the home screen.”

Demoing lyrics, chapters, languages, all the new multimedia features on the iPhone. “All of this is available today as a free software update for every iPhone.” Big applause. v1.1.3!

9:31am – “I can create up to 9 home screens, and I can move between them with the flick of my finger. So how do we do some of this stuff? Let’s take maps… how do we do that? Well, we’re working with two companies. Google, and Skyhook wireless — we’ve driven the US and Canada and mapped WiFi hotspots, they have 23m hotspots in their database.”

9:30am – I want to customize my home screen — I can touch any icon for a couple seconds, and they start to shake!” Chuckles. “They start to get restless!” Icons move around, new pages, dots on the bottom just like the Summerboard hack.

9:29am – The list shows an icon to the group — “It’s pretty nice. So that’s sending SMSs to multiple people. Webclips! I’m gonna go to Google because they have really cool apps that work with the iPhone — now I have a plus button and I can just push this and I can just hit add to home screen.”

9:28am – “We love working with Google. So… I want to SMS more than one person at once!” Let’s bring up a new message here. I want to send it to Phil and Scott, maybe Tim…” they’re all coming up, just like an email to multiple people. Friggin finally. Still no sign of MMS, though.

9:26am – Maps demo now — page curls up, search and directions buttons now — if you’ve seen the 1.1.3 demo vids, this is exactly it. “Schoom. And there we are.” as it locates Steve in the Moscone. “I can flip right into directions, and it uses my current location to start…” calcing the route back to Apple HQ.

9:24am – “This is our first 90 days, 4m iPhones to date.” Big applause. Steve’s obviously looking pretty happy up there. “What everyone’s excited about is the SDK we’re releasing in late Feb… a chance to write incredible apps on the iPhone. We wanted to give everyone something today, too.”

“We’ve got some great new features today. First: maps with location!”

“You know have the ability to find your current location in maps. Webclips, right on the home screen. Up to 9 total home screen. SMS multiple people at once.” Big applause on that one.

“Chapters, subs, langs in videos, lyrics in iPod.” Demo time!

9:22am – “So that’s TC, a perfect companion to Leopard, and that’s the first thing.” Applause. Number two! “It’s about the iPhone.” A hush…

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  1. i just noticed, the ipod touch that steves is showing at macworld has the iphone dock

  2. im on my knees, begging him to say: “oh, and one more thing….. the new 3G iphone available in febuary in all europe!” i live in spain, and im dying for an iphone.

    no one comments in this site?

  3. Haha…sorry, too busy watching Keynote!

    There were a few things I would have liked to have seen…3G and 16GB iPhone.

  4. i agree, watching the keynote in by the way, i emailed you guys, was wondering if you got that

  5. I was actually watching it a few places! And, we did get your email…I just replied!

  6. I’m dissappointed. I was hoping to hear some great iPodTouch news and possibly news about a second iPhone. But all we got was news that we have the option to be charged $20 for four apps which we can get for free simply by Jailbreaking our iPods. The new MacBook looks nice, but for me, thats about it.

  7. Saw Steve showing off the new “features” they’ve put up in iphone
    all the time i was wondering when the guy was saying things like “customizing home screens etc, dont these guys KNOW tht ppl already do this? by jailbreaking?
    they must know it…then why bother with silly updates? and if they have no idea abt the jailbrk…boy, are they dumb!

  8. how can i know if an iphone i buy is 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 from the box, without opening it?

  9. Alex_dcl
    You can’t since the firmware is not displayed on the box. Ur gonna have to open it.

  10. Jay
    Ofcourse Steve knows that ppl already jailbreak and customize their iPhones/Touches. But there are some who dont want to void their warranty (which jailbreaking can do) but who want to customize their devices. He knows the “cool factor” of customization and personalization. That’s why he’s offering these upgrades in 1.1.3. But still, its limited to only these 5 apps [mail, maps, stocks, notes, and weather] (presently) which come on the iPhone and the ability to customize only certain aspects of the device such as wallpaper. He’s throwing the “scaredy cats” a small bone by doing so.

  11. @alex_dlc…luchoaba answered your comment in another post but I thought I would put the answer here too…”If the fouth and fifth digits from the serial number are equal or greter than 45 the phone is 1.1.2″

  12. Brooke
    Wow, thanks for the info!

  13. All thanks goes to luchoaba!

  14. iphone still not supporting flash? :(

  15. no, not technically, but you can try this out: