Updating to iTunes 7.6

We have had a lot of questions about updating iTunes to version 7.6. Well…I finally got a chance to update! You do not need to restore your iPhone before updating and updating to iTunes 7.6 will not un-jailbreak your iPhone. Just go into iTunes….go to the Help option and select Check for Updates. It will tell you that there is an update for iTunes to version 7.6. Go ahead and download it…the file is 64.99mb and takes a minute or two to download so be patient. After it has finished downloading…you will have to restart your computer. You are then free to plug in your iPhone and sync. Just remember when you get the prompt to update to 1.1.3 make sure you do not select download and update if you want your iPhone to stay jailbroke! There are a few new features to iTunes but one of the most obvious is the option to Manually manage music and videos. If you select this option(on the Summary Page) it allows you to select what music you want on your iPhone instead of syncing all of it. You can just go into your library and select a song you want on your iPhone and drag it to the iPhone icon on the right…it will then sync and your song will be on your iPhone. It is pretty cool! If you have any questions about upgrading iTunes…you can email us at help@appleiphoneschool.com.

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  1. “Manually manage music and videos” is the winner of this iTunes update. I’ve been waiting for this one.

  2. What if you have an unlocked iPhone? Will it be relocked if I update iTunes?

  3. T: No. :)

  4. so, to be sure: you can upgrade to itunes 7.6, this will have any effect for your hacked/jailbreak/unlocked iphone? sync will still work?

    the problem will come later, if you have problems with your phone and you need to restore the phone, you will need itunes 7.5?

  5. @Stefan….updating to 7.6 will not have any effect on your jailbroke/hacked/unlocked iPhone. You iPhone will stay in the state that it is in. You will still be able to sync it like normal. It will also have no effect if you need to restore your iPhone…it will work exactly that same as it did with iTunes 7.5! So…no worries…go ahead and update if you want to.

  6. As long you click NO when it asks you to update to 1.1.3, NOTHING will happen to your jailbroken and/or unlocked iPhone.

  7. Will it break the ability (regained with firmware 1.1.2 and iTunes 7.5) to add my own custom ringtones?

  8. Has anyone else noticed that iTunes is not keeping track of when you skip a song with you iPhone? It started with version 7.5 and it is still happening with 7.6. It recognizes it when I skip a song with my ipod (totally stock), but not with my jailbroke iphone. Hopefully this will be fixed when I start running 1.1.3.

  9. thank you…regards S.

  10. can I go back to 7.6.0???

    I cant syn anything with my hacked iphone now….its stil 1.1.1

  11. Nice Post… Continue write.

  12. I’ve got an old os version on my iphone 1.0.2 (1C28). Can I still update to 7.6.2 without updating the firmware? Can I update the firmware to an earlier version without getting bricked?

  13. Actually I found that my iphone stopped connecting with 7.6, I was on firmware 1.1.2. I uninstalled and installed itunes 7.5 and it fixed it. Google for itunes 7.5 and it should solve your problems. Cheers!