Launcher 0.2

Launcher Launcher is most definately not a new app…it was actually one of the first apps available on a jailbroke iPhone, you know…like back in the day! We just have never done a review of it! Launcher is a simple, yet affect app that allows you to see all of the 3rd party applications on your iPhone by putting them in an Alphebetical list. So, when you click on the Launcher icon(on the SpringBoard) it will open a list of all your 3rd party apps…you can then open any of the applications by tapping on them. It displays ALL 3rd party apps…even the ones you have hidden through Customize. This app works well if you have a messy SpringBoard and you need to find something quickly or you can even hide all of your apps through Customize and then use Launcher to get to all of them, that way you do not have a bunch of stuff all over your SpringBoard. I know A TON of you use this app and love it but, I honestly am a stickler for Dock because if for some reason my icons are not showing up or my SpringBoard goes blank…I can still use Dock to get to Installer, SummerBoard or Customize if I need to, where Launcher would not work because it is an icon on the SpringBoard too. Launcher is available in the through the AppTapp Official source. Below are the screenshots:

Launcher 0.2 Launcher 0.2 Launcher 0.2 Launcher 0.2

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  1. I love this app, but how come my prefrences, youtube, and things that came with it don’t show up

  2. It will only show 3rd party apps…I should have made that more clear in the post…I have changed the post!