iBirthDay 1.2.1

iBirthDay iBirthDay is a really cool app that alerts you when someone in your contacts is having a Birthday. The app open to the main menu where you can; turn on/off that iBirthDay Service, set the time you would like the alert to happen, set when you would like to be alerted(anywhere from the day of the Birthday to 10 days before the Birthday) and turn on/off the SpringBoard text. If you turn the iBirthDay Service on, you will get a pop-up on your SpringBoard letting you know who’s Birthday is coming up, how many days until their Birthday and how old they are going to be. When you are alerted is based on what you set your time and day as in the main menu. If you chose to have it alert you at 10:00am three days before a Birthday…then, you will get the alert at 10:00am…three days before the Birthday!! :) Once you have read the pop-up alert, you can just tap your screen to make it disappear. If you decide to turn on the SpringBoard text setting…after you get the pop-up, it will also put a little line of text just below your status bar on your iPhone telling you who’s Birthday it is and how old they are going to be. The only issue I have found with the SpringBoard text is that it says, “Today’s birthdays:” even though the Birthday isn’t today, it is in three days. So, that could be a little confusing. If you have turned on the SpringBoard text and decide you don’t want to look at it all day…just go back into the app and change the SpringBoard text setting to off…you will have to restart your iPhone to get it to go away. Now, to actually get this app to work, you will need to add Birthdays to your Contacts. To add a Birthday to your a contact….go to your Phone app, select Contacts, select a contact, tap Edit is the upper right corner, scroll down and tap on Add Field, scroll down and tap Birthday, enter the date of the person’s Birthday and tap Save in the upper right corner. I like this app…I think it is fun!! iBirthDay is available in the Installer.app through the ModMyApple.it(Chiafa) source. See the screenshots below:

Thanks to the viewer Kampi for the heads-up about this app!!

iBirthDay 1.2.1 iBirthDay 1.2.1 iBirthDay 1.2.1 iBirthDay 1.2.1 iBirthDay 1.2.1 iBirthDay 1.2.1 iBirthDay 1.2.1 iBirthDay 1.2.1 iBirthDay 1.2.1

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  1. What about for 1.1.1? Is there an app similar to this one that would work on 1.1.1. I installed it, but keeps turning off. Any solution?

  2. Could you please confirm the source because I don’t see iBirthday in the list.

  3. @Peter – I am on 1.1.1 and it works fine for me…maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling.

    @fab – all sources are case sensitive…make sure you capitalize MMA – http://www.serverasp.net/chiafa/MMA/repo.xml

  4. my birthday is soon! haha

  5. @alex_dlc…Haha…good to know! Happy early Birthday! :)

  6. My question was because this new version didn’t work on 1.1.1. But I found the solution. Just set permissions to 0755 to every file in:
    Works fine after that…

  7. I Cant get this thing to work on 1.1.1 and i set the all the files that were in
    Library/LaunchDaemons and the one in /usr/local/bin/Birthday
    To 0755

    I someone could help please

  8. What does it do? Will it not open…or it wont work once you set everything up?

  9. Ok good news got it to work after tring over and over i unistall it an reinstall and it working love it with it was part of the iphone funcions

  10. YAY!

  11. juanito979 says

    santana, how you do it?

    I install and reinstall but no function.
    I try give permissions to all files but nothing.

    How is configure?ibirthday service and springboard text needs stay on?
    I try it but no runs…

  12. Sorry, but I can’t find it on the installer..
    Could somebody confirm the source


  13. @roc…the source url is http://www.serverasp.net/chiafa/MMA/repo.xml not http://ModMyApple.it… that is actually the source’s title.

    Note: source url’s are case sensitive so MMA will need to be capitalized.

  14. Thank you,
    sorry for the question…

  15. No problem at all!!

  16. This app does not appear in my installer…my iphone is the 1.0.2.
    does it work on this firmware? Where can I find it?


  17. @Leandro…do you have the ModMyApple.it(Chiafa) source installed? It’s url is – http://www.serverasp.net/chiafa/MMA/repo.xml.

  18. Hello fellas.

    Does it work with 1.1.3 version? i just added the souce but i can´t find it in the Installer. i´ve checked the source twice but nothing…what im doing wrong??

    Thank you!!! :)

  19. @Michel…I’m not sure if the app works with 1.1.3 or not but, the source should show up in your Installer.app even if the app doesn’t work. Are you capitalizing the MMA?…all sources are case senstitive! – http://www.serverasp.net/chiafa/MMA/repo.xml

  20. Peter,

    How can I set the permissions like you did? I don’t known how to access the folders in the iphone.
    “My question was because this new version didn’t work on 1.1.1. But I found the solution. Just set permissions to 0755 to every file in:
    Works fine after that…”

  21. @Gustavo…to see the files on your iPhone you need to OpenSSH in. To change permissions on a folder you would need to select all the files in the folder(ctrl+a) and then right click and select Properties and then change the Octal to 0755. As for changing the properties on the files Peter mentioned, I’m not sure…I didn’t need to do that!

  22. Thank You.

  23. Shawn Korin says

    Does not work on 1.1.3 :( FIX?

  24. No fix yet…that I know of. This app was created before the jailbreak release for 1.1.3 so…maybe we will see one soon!

  25. Hi,
    when trying to install, i get a main script error message.

  26. btw, i’ve tried to set permissions as above-mentioned, it doesn’t help.
    In any case, it seems to be related to a permission issue, as i get this error message when the installer script tries to set the permission to ibirthday.

    Also, i’ve used to Bosstool util for moving all the apps (wallpapers and ringtones) to the root partition, as the system partition is too small to contain the apps…
    I guess all these are reated to this issue.

    Any suggestion please?

  27. i’ve just installed this application , and turned it ON, but there is no pop up shown or any alert for my friends birthday on my SpringBoard.

    Can someone tell me, what can be the problem?


  28. @toto and Fill…what version iPhone are you on? Also, what version of the app are you installing? One version works with 1.1.1 and the other works with 1.1.2. Check out this post.

  29. I’m using firmware 1.1.2 OTB and iBirthDay 1.2.3.

  30. Huh…then it should be working correctly for you. What I did to test mine, before I wrote the post, is I just gave someone a birthday for today and then changed the notification time to one minute later then the current time. Then one minute later I got a pop-up saying there were birthdays. Also, make sure it is version 1.2.3a.

  31. my version of iBirthDay is 1.2.3 not 1.2.3a , where can i found source for downloading that version, or how can i update it ?

  32. @Fill…iBirthday is available in the ModMyApple.it(Chiafa) source. The url is – http://www.serverasp.net/chiafa/MMA/repo.xml

  33. I’ve removed the source from the Installer.app, then i uninstalled the iBirthDay 1.2.3 version from my iPhone, after that i restarted the phone and add the source that you mentioned. Then in the Installer.app was displayed the 1.2.3a version of iBirthday to install, i install it but when i open it there was still 1.2.3 version of iBirthDay, and you gess it still does not work. No pop ups or any sound for birthday
    I olso change the permissions to Library/LaunchDaemons and
    /usr/local/bin/Birthday files to 755 and restarted the iPhone again and still nothing.

    Again, i’m using jailbreaked, activated and unlocked otb 1.1.2 iPhone.

    Some ideas for fixing this or any suggestions will be great. Thanks

  34. Works fine with 1.1.3: no problem. Took i while before the installation was ok. removed the source a couple of times.

    What to do if you got one family in your contacts with 4 dates (man, wife and 2 kids)???
    Any ideas?


  35. what category did you guys find this app in? i cant seem to find it anywhere. i added the correct source URL