killBoard 1.0

killBoard killBoard is a simple app that when launched…restarts your SpringBoard. I LOVE this app!! I restart my SpringBoard ALL THE TIME when I am writing posts and adding themes and wallpapers! Now, instead of finding SummerBoard, opening SummerBoard, scrolling down, selecting Restart SpringBoard and waiting…I can just tap on the killBoard icon and voilĂ . Very sweet guys…good job! killBoard is available in the through the iPod Touch Fans source. Below are the screenshots:

killBoard 1.0 killBoard 1.0

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  1. Hi guys, love the site. Best site for most up to date releases. You should state in future posts if the app will work with 1.1.3.


  2. Thank you for the suggestion! And, this app does work with 1.1.3.

  3. im sorry, but i dont get this app. :S

  4. @alex_dlc…do you have the iPod Touch Fans source added? It is –

  5. Installed it on my iPhone, but doesn’t show on SpringBoard. Installer shows it as installed… (yes, I’m on 1.1.3).
    Or is this iPod Touch only?

  6. @pacman…you could try uninstalling and reinstalling it…but, it might not work on 1.1.3…I have it installed on a 1.1.1 iPhone and it worked fine!