We’re Back!!

VacationHI! Many of you are wondering where we have been for the last week! Well, we were in the Caribbean (maybe we will make some Caribbean wallpapers out of our pictures!)…but, we are back and are quickly trying to catch up on the all the latest iPhone news (including the 16GB iPhone!!). We had a new article ready for each day we were gone but, it seems the iFob video went out incorrectly so we have reposted it. AppleiPhoneSchool should be back to it’s normal self in the next few days!

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  1. I left you guys an email.
    Hope you have fun on vacation

  2. We did have fun!…white sand beaches, blue clear water, warm sunny days and a beach chair!! Nothing better!!

    It is going to take us a little while to get through the hundreds of emails accumulated during the week but, we will do our best!

  3. you guys work real hard and deserved a break.

    missed your updates.

    post a link to some vacation pics!


  4. hey guys hope you had a GREAT time

  5. Thanks guys!