Happy Valentine’s Day

chocolateicon Happy Valentine’s Day!! YAY!! Is anyone getting their special someone an iPhone for Valentine’s Day (maybe a 16 GB)? If it is for a lady, you might want to throw in a box of chocolates and some flowers too! That is something Doug would do…get me something techy on Valentine’s Day! :)

I tried to find some sort of Valentiney icon to put in front of the post but I couldn’t find one! :(

P.S. I totally just made my first icon!!

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  1. will you be my valentine brooke? hahahahahaha, have a great day!

  2. There’s a couple here Brooke:



  3. You have a great day too Alex…and Happy Belated Birthday!!

  4. I got my girlfriend an 8 GB iPhone (jailbroken of coarse) and we are going out for a fancy dinner. Should see it on the Burp app tonight.

  5. @ Scally…Thank You!! I will see what I can do!

    @Xander…See, throw in a nice dinner and you are good to go!! I hope she loves her new iPhone (jailbroken even, good touch!)!!

  6. @Scally…check out the icon I just made!! My first one ever! It only took me like AN HOUR to figure it out…but, at least I know how to do it now!

  7. Nice!, how easy is that to do, maybe a topic for a future Video, assuming they can be added to the iPhone?

  8. It should be able to be added to the iPhone…let me check…YAY it works (see Text icon below)!! I will have to write a post about it…it is really easy once you know how to do it!!

    Chocolate Icon

  9. How do you do the screen shots of your iPhone by the way? (173 emails lol !!)

  10. I use the Dock app to take screenshots. It puts the screenshots in your Camera Roll and you can just get them off your iPhone that way. And, we get a lot of emails!!

  11. happy valentines day to you!

    i love your first icon!

    use screenshot to take pics of screen.

    happy valentines day to everyone!


  12. Happy Valentines Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Thanks Brooke, I’ll give Dock a try, I thought it was just a sunburst way of opening icons, I didn’t realise it screenshots too.

  14. @cassandra…I didn’t design it..I just turned it into an icon! But, it is still cool!

    @Eliz and cassandra…Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!!

    @Scally…yeah it comes with an option to take screenshots.