OpenSSH Video

Watch “OpenSSH” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. hey has a awesome videos on how to set it up like use it on your computer if any one was wondering how to do that

  2. you forgot to say what you have to install on the pc!! also, what are those commands that you say erica sadun made?

  3. Is anybody know a app like service that work on 1.1.3 to turn off ssh..? I tried service but it didnt work…

  4. itoggle

  5. George: use bossprefs!

  6. @alex_dlc: yeah, I was just focusing on the app without the computer part. I use winSCP and I think Mac’s have something already installed.

  7. hey do any of you know if you can use OpenSSH to access the iphone database with a phone that is on 1.1.3 jailbroken and unlocked usuing ziphone

  8. I installed services and openssh, when i tried to turn off edge via services, it didn’t work and when i tried to turn on bluetooth, my iphone hung on me.