ZiPhone 2.4 Video

Watch “ZiPhone 2.4” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

*EDIT* Here is the file I used: ZiPhone 2.4. Also I had my iPhone in dock and ZiPhone wouldn’t work so I had to connect it with only the usb cable.

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  1. great video. Seems lot less of a headache, since you don’t have to go to 1.1.1—>1.1.2 then 1.1.3. I also find it interesting how your iPhone sort of remember your icon placement and web apps, even though you restored. Anyways great video. I think you should also post a link to the Ziphone to download.

  2. hey im just wondering, but will this jailbreak and unlock bootloader 3.9, if i start out with 1.1.2

  3. I’m glad to finally see the Ziphone jailbreak on your site.
    I was maybe two days from finally plunging to do the downgrade/jailbreak & then upgrade method then saw the Ziphone method glad I was busy that weekend, and never go to doing it. Ziphone works the best IMO.

    After recently finding the site about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been checking for updates on a daily basis. You should also do a video with the GUI version since there are a lot of users that don’t know how to use DOS or even know what it means. Some may say oh that’s the # 2 in spanish uno, dos. LOL.

    I really think the new gui version that Zibri used is awesome from I used the first one they did and it worked flawlessly everytime.


  4. you made this right before ziphone 2.4 oficial GUI was released, you should make a video for it since it is much much much easyer than command. its a wonderfull interface, with all the options and very clear info on each of them. this GUI even has themes, haha. i like the black one. any one know why command takes 2.30’mins and GUI takes 4 mins?

  5. hey thanks doug for this vid i have been waiting since 1-15-08 to see a vid on doing a proper jailbreak for 1.1.3 and this was the one to convince me to do it.

    @ luis DOS = #2 in spanish hahaha that made me laugh really hard

    but yes i did the GUI version of the jailbreak from ziphone not the DOS the GUI is much easier!!!!

  6. hey, looks like a very easy thing to do. honestly, i was still waiting to buy an official iphone (but here in little Switzerland … no comments, we still don’t have it) so looking for a solution how to jailbreak, etc. an iphone i found your page and read about ZiPhone, how easy it is to unlock the iphone.

    short question: is it really that simple? i could take any iphone or are there any restrictions?
    the only thing i need is 1) an iphone 2) ZiPhone, that’s it? nothing more?

    sorry for the stupid question – i am new to all this stuff ;-)

  7. nice video.
    i have a few questions; what was your original BL, 3.9 or 4.6?
    if it was 4.6 after running the process were you still on 4.6 or did it go
    down to 3.9? if you are still on 4.6 I recommend you demonstrate that
    locate me works.
    With ZiPhone 2.4 it seems like the BL gets downgraded to 3.9 automatically.

  8. @libero_ac: I currently have 3.9, not sure what it was before.

  9. @gabron: yes, thats all you need

  10. @Douglas: thanks, so guess i will try that one! cheers

  11. Good Day All…is this ZIphone program for windows or mac and how do you get stater..I would really like to have my iphone 1.1.3 jailbreak today…can anyone help

  12. Mine ziphone jailbreak has been working good for 2 days, but today randomly i had failed outgoing calls and the Edge logo goes away and sometimes it says no service then comes back. i use ATT, btw. Is there a patch or app i need or have any of you heard of this before?!


  13. do you need to remove the at&t sim card before unlocking the iphone with ziphone?

  14. After installing using the ZiPhone 2.4……which is definately the easiest Jailbreak yet….I’m having trouble with the eBook app.

    I install the eBook app and then one of the eBooks….just about any one of them and when I launch eBook….I don’t see the ebook to read….

    Anyone else having this issue?

    • Are you talking about Books?

      It looks like Books still looks to the /private/var/root/Media/EBooks/ folder for the eBook file. The eBook you installed is probably in the /private/var/mobile/Media/EBooks/ folder. You can just OpenSSH in and move it or create a symbolic link from one to the other.

    • Here’s the command I used to create the symbolic link:

      ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media/EBooks /private/var/root/Media/EBooks

      Make sure the EBooks folder in the mobile path is already created and there is no folder called EBooks in the root path.

  15. I don’t understand what happened but after I jailbroke my iphone using this method I noticed the stock app Mail doesn’t work anymore. When I open it it closes immediately. I don’t know if this happened as a result of jailbreaking the phone this way or if it stopped working before I jailbroke. I just need it to get working again, this app is very usefull.

  16. Nevermind!! A little research and i found a fix. Thanks to the other iphone users at Here is the link if anyone else is having the same problem I was:

  17. where is the BDS System program


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